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Geminids from 12 December 2020

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Short .gif from a .ser video, captured last night (12th) with my ASI385MC and the supplied all-sky-lens.

We had a lovely clear night last night. The best we've had in ages. The battery died on my old laptop - probably due to the sub zero temperature - so only managed a few 5 minute videos. I saw lots more before I decided to set up the camera. 

Tonight; peak; is completely clouded out! Surprise, surprise!!



I also had my Mother-in-laws dog as a stargazing companion/hot water bottle.  Excuse the finger in the shot, my wife is a bit of a technophobe! 


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On 13/12/2020 at 22:50, paul mc c said:

Easy done... Can't wait on my Nagler coming....that was the prize, right. Lol

Err... yes... I believe if you've been a good boy this year Santa may have a surprise for you!  😜🎅


17 hours ago, newtyng5 said:

Nice to see someone somewhere had a clear sky 

Yes, I was very surprised as it definitely wasn't forecast. Peak night/morning was 50% cloud until about 00:20 (30 minutes before peak) when the clouds rolled in to about 99.9% until I gave up and came in at about 01:30.

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