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  1. Thank you Carole and Adrian for your useful comments! AV mode was with 1/60s (at ISO 1600 - I thought I'd need the same ISO as for the subs but will try with ISO 100 ...) but this wasn't sufficient so I went a bit overboard yesterday morning trying between 1 and 10 seconds which was obviously too much "Not so my 2nd DSLR so I had to devise a new method. The only way I could make it work was to examine the histogram, this needs to be between 1/3 and under halfway across from the left hand side. You will have to reduce the length of your exposure until you get a histogram that looks right. If you are using the day time sky to take flats then this will vary every time depending on how bright the sky is." Will try again to reach a histogram as indicated by Carole. Below you'll see the setup from yesterday. Thanks again & CS
  2. Hello, while I found a very insightful discussion here on flat fields for among others with a QSI/KAF 8300 I was wondering if anyone has some values for flats with a DSLR. I tried 10s/5s/3s/2s/1s against a flat filed panel but it's too much. The aperture priority setting doesn't give good results since I'm using an LP filter. Will try 1/2/1/4 etc. Anyone with a tip? Thanks a lot and CS! Best, Isa PS: Below a picture of Orion Nebula taken with a Takahashi FSQ-85EDX with Extender 1.5x, LP filter, Nikon D800. As you can see, despite a master flat I still have this huge dark ring on the picture - masterdark and super bias are efficient so far. The core of the nebula is overexposed so will go easy on it next time, reducing exposure time to 180s (from 300s).
  3. 212x30" Total 1h46 ISO 1600 Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-85EDX DSLR: Nikon D800 Mount: Avalon Linear Fast Reverse Filter: Hutech IDAS LPS-D1 Autoguider: Lacerta MGEN-3

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