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  1. Louise At this stage I have not connected the scope etc, the camera will be used for Guiding and maybe moon imaging - I have an SPC900 which works fine in sharpcap so the software is working, however when I use sharpcap and connect to my QHY whilst it clearly connects it seem to do nothing, I would expect to see something in live view when I take the cap off and let natural light hit the sensor Regards John B
  2. Sorry its the old driver issue (I think) Im running win 10 and have a QHY 5 II M Installed QHY5 Driver Update ASCOM 4 driver Camera shows up in Device Manager as: Astroimaging - QHY5II Start Sharp Cap and it finds: QHY 5 II M and connects - however if i start to capture there is just a dark screen (given it day time and the camera has plenty of light I would have expected basically a white screen) Start QGVideo and it just says No Camera Detected Im sure it is a driver issues but I find the info online overwhelming as there is so much Pointers really appreciated Regards John B
  3. Hi Bit of a random one. Im looking to rent somewhere in Wales or the South West in April time for a week or so with the idea of taking all my kit and doing some Astro Imaging - if the clouds dont play I will take the opportunity to do some hiking. so the place ideally will have some hard standing and ideally WiFi and Power etc. but a little remote so im away from the lights etc. Any pointers appreciated Regards John B
  4. Richard It would be great to get further contributors, once setup you can either email the monthly log files or upload them to an area on the site after which I load the data. I will PM you my contact info Regards John
  5. Hi In Jan 2017 a group of us who do Radio Meteor Detection in the UK started to collaborate and pool data, this now forms part of the Meteor Collaboration Database. Simplistically we take our monthly log files from Spectrum Lab and import them into a MySql Database. We currently have some 2,502,360 Unique Events recorded, from those we then have an area for all Events that are 5 Seconds or longer and finally produce a Coincidence Listing The Coincidence Listing shows events that are 5 seconds or longer and are detected by 3 contributors or more and occurs + or - 5 seconds of each other Its not an exact science but many of the listed coincides are clearly the same event Ie: http://meteor.m81.co.uk/conview.php?id=1820 You will note that where possible we also include the screen captures and if there is an associated BOAM capture (http://boam.fr/) we link that to So all data contributions are happily accepted as are suggested improvements to the website Regards John B http://meteor.m81.co.uk/welcome.php
  6. So my trusty QHY5 has died and whilst I await the replacement I thought I may use my Philips WebCam - PHD2 sees it and it works a treat - then it struck me there is no where for the ST4 lead to go Am I being a bit thick here or is it just not possible ? Regards John B
  7. Hope someone can help with my Moonlite Issue, the fine adjustment knob has come away from the main unit but I simply cant see how to get it back in It wont simply push back in as it does not go in all the way and i notice the spindle has a small groove and again does that go in the knob or the main unit - hopefully the pics explain I looked on line but could not seem to find much Help appreciated Regards John B
  8. ahh penny droped I think - its not video length that important but more about the number of frames captured
  9. Hi Im starting to look at moon imaging using my Skywatcher 250 on an EQ6 with my Guiding Camera which is a QHYII Im, using Sharcap and really want to know how long my video captures should be, I have good alignment Regards John B
  10. Hi I consider myself a Deep Sky Imager but I think the moon deserves attention, this is my first real attempt Taken with my Skywatcher 250 and a mono QHY511, I took a number of videos with SharpCap, process with Registax and stitched with ICE I would be interested to know how I can improve what I have with the Kit i have (cant really afford any new kit at the moment) Thanks for looking John B
  11. thanks - struggling as when I setup astrotortilla it wants a scope and it cant see the scope - would I not need to add a cable from the serialm port on the scope via an adapter to USB which then goes into my laptop ? John B
  12. Hi I am a BYE user with my trusty Cannon 450d and EQ6 Mount and all works a treat My cable setup is straight forward USB with 4 ports Port 1 - Cannon Camera Port 2 Guide Camera Then a cable between Guide Scope and Mount Guiding is with PHD2 All works well So I would like to now add Stellarium for target selection and Astro tortilla for solving - and there is plenty of info on line about configuration - but very little on cable connection etc Do i need more cables - I have no idea (suspect I do) Pointers appreciated John B
  13. Hi Im no expert but by default the duration is in Cycles - if you divide by 6 you will get seconds - if you are a regular collector of data you may be interested in this: http://meteor.m81.co.uk/welcome.php John B
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