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  1. Hi there , just a quick question. I am thinking of getting these (after several weeks of research) Explore Scientific MN-152/750 6" Maksutov-Newtonain OTA Skywatcher AZ-EQ5GT Alt Az / Equatorial GOTO Mount & Tripod. I plan initially to keep my 11inch SCT , we have no garden to observe from, and the problem is we have steep steps on exit, and coz i'm getting older my back ain't what it was , it's kinda tricky to deadlift a bulky 30 kilo ota/mount and put it into the car. (Then carry it to location,). Any experience using this mount? I've read up on it, seems great. As for the scope, it's a bit niche, but yields contrasty wide field views. (was tempted with a 6inch doublet, but the CA put's me off). Seems only Rother Valley (in the UK) have it in stock, and i have sent them an enquiry. Any info is always appreciated. Tripod/mount OTA Clear skies all !
  2. Hi Steve , not much astronomy going on lately, hopefully that will change. Hope you are doing well

  3. Hi there Paul. I started astronomy many years ago with a much inferior scope to your 3 inch reflector. You should be able to see many double stars, open clusters, globular clusters, a few nebulae and galaxies, plus of course the moon and planets (although they are really quite poor for northern observers at the moment). I would echo the thoughts of the other folk on here. For certain do not buy filters or eyepieces yet. Try your scope out first.... And I agree with all the previous replies, the most useful piece of advice .. buy/read/download a beginners guide/book. The advice and information, will be much more valuable to you. I wish you well.
  4. Really misty here, and with all the light pollution > it looks almost cloudy.
  5. Nice crisp images there John. Very nice. Always loved that area around Arzachel crater.
  6. Hi mrdusty If you are new to astronomy, perhaps give the 1.25" eyepieces a whirl for a while. You can always try 2" later. Personally I have all 2" eyepieces now, but it's down to many factors which you prefer, one of which is often cost.
  7. Very nice images.! Hope everyone had a good time, and shame I missed it. But looking at the aftermath, I am not sure my little pop up tent woulda lasted. See yer next year
  8. I am no expert, but as far as I am concerned... that's an excellent image Ceph. Nice1!
  9. Yea it's a massive shame, we was booked for Friday and Saturday, and was hoping against hope that the weather forecast would improve. But it seems now that fri, sat are going to have torrential downpours and 50mph+ gales. Been looking forward to this event ever since the last one ended. But we are in two small cheap tents, if they don't blow away, they will probably float away ? . So like Steve, we will not be attending unfortunately, and similarly it was a difficult decision as we was looking forward to meeting everyone again, and having a laugh at the quiz. All the best to you all. Don't get too drunk or you may end up in the Wye
  10. On Buzzard again. Look foward to it, and meeting eveyone again. Bringing along the 11inch, plus my m8's new 16inch ES dob. Wonder what weird and wonderful questions Micheal Morris has for the quiz night. ?
  11. I have only read great things about the WO bino's. Personally I have always wanted a pair, but it throws the weight of my scope off big time. So an extra counterbalance may be needed. Let us know how you get on with them (if you buy em).
  12. Also depends on if you intend to do astrophotography. If you are visual then personally I would recommend something like a 10 inch Dobsonian. Probably best views per £/$ you can get.
  13. Great scope, enjoyed the views from it the other day in Wymeswold. Amazed how pin sharp stars are in yours in comparison to my 11inch. Different focal length makes a difference. Amazing comparing M27 (Dumbell) it was amazing in my 11inch sct, looked the same in yours initially, then I noticed loads more stars, and the longer your peered, even more,truly a sight to behold.
  14. Nice sol again Ibbo. Lots of opportunity the last several weeks.
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