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  1. Hi Kevin, welcome to SGL. Hopefully your scope arrives soon.... I am from notts also > bortle 8 here however. Interested what kirkster501 mentioned about better bortle areas nearby... as i would love to find a less light polluted area to observe from.
  2. Hopefully the owner will be found. As for the lattitude , i have a similar case, and it has to be set around 50degrees to fit in the case. Anything much lower, or higher it doesn't fit.
  3. Hi welcome to SGL. Great image!
  4. As always depends on your budget. You cannot go wrong with something like a 6-10 inch dobsonian. That being said, you will probably find everything out of stock at the moment. I have no experiance of celestron nexstar 102 SLT, but having owned a Celestron 9.5 inch SCT , and sold today my 11inch SCT celestron. I have nothing but 100% recommendation in celestron scopes. Sorry i am not much help, but good luck! and clear skies!
  5. Celestron CPC 1100 GPS XLT 'fastar'. With bobs knobs fitted. Would prefer to keep it, but i think at some point (in the future) i will get the 11 inch ota for my new AZ/EQ6 Pro mount. Comes with.... Celestron Dew shield, Altair Astro 2"SCT adaptor, Williams Optics 2" & 1 1/4"carbon dialectric diagonol, Star sharp Bahtinov mask , Celestron E-LUX 40mm plossl... Also... Telrad Finder, Custom made power lead, and original 10x50 finder, 1 1/4 diagonal and leads. All in great condition. Thanks for looking. Collection only from the NG7 Nottingham area. ...
  6. Hi there , just a quick question. I am thinking of getting these (after several weeks of research) Explore Scientific MN-152/750 6" Maksutov-Newtonain OTA Skywatcher AZ-EQ5GT Alt Az / Equatorial GOTO Mount & Tripod. I plan initially to keep my 11inch SCT , we have no garden to observe from, and the problem is we have steep steps on exit, and coz i'm getting older my back ain't what it was , it's kinda tricky to deadlift a bulky 30 kilo ota/mount and put it into the car. (Then carry it to location,). Any experience using this mount? I've read up on it, seems great.
  7. Hi Steve , not much astronomy going on lately, hopefully that will change. Hope you are doing well

  8. Hi there Paul. I started astronomy many years ago with a much inferior scope to your 3 inch reflector. You should be able to see many double stars, open clusters, globular clusters, a few nebulae and galaxies, plus of course the moon and planets (although they are really quite poor for northern observers at the moment). I would echo the thoughts of the other folk on here. For certain do not buy filters or eyepieces yet. Try your scope out first.... And I agree with all the previous replies, the most useful piece of advice .. buy/read/download a beginners guide/book. The advice and i
  9. Really misty here, and with all the light pollution > it looks almost cloudy.
  10. Nice crisp images there John. Very nice. Always loved that area around Arzachel crater.
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