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  1. New Member

    Big welcome to SGL JGray.
  2. SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Look forward to it, booked Friday and Saturday.
  3. Hello at last!

    Welcome to SGL Andrej. Love that photo, I can almost sense that cool fresh air.
  4. Newbie from Manchester

    Welcome to SGL John. Let's hope for the 10% , but it's England after all.
  5. Eyepiece for frac

    Hi Steve, the eyepieces you have should be sufficient. But you could try a Baader Hyperion eyepiece, they are pretty good value, and decent eyepieces. FLO- Baader Hyperion
  6. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    Look forward to it also.
  7. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    I booked for Kielder back in October. And it's on the same dates . Shame I woulda loved to have gone, the last SGL was Proper Bo! Have fun , and see you all in October.
  8. Skywatcher 14” FlexTube Dobsonian GOTO with extras Skywatcher Skyliner 350P 14" F/4.5 FlexTube GOTO for sale. Comes with : Skywatcher PowerTank 17Ah. Heater strip on the secondary mirror. does NOT come with the Dew Controller. Telrad Finder and Telrad Riser Base. Skywatcher 9x50 Finderscope 25mmSkywatcher Super Plossl eyepiece Skywatcher 2x Barlow lens. Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser with 1.25" adapter Astrozap light shroud for Skywatcher FlexTube Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece Laser Collimating Eyepiece. this a big scope with great views. can be used as a goto or a push to scope. in excellent condition. The scope can be assembled and disassembled in about 10 minutes or so. £1250 Buyer collects. Nottingham Area. Thanks EDIT: Decided to put a reason why I am selling this scope. It's been a fabulous scope (some of you folks may have seen it at the last SGL star party). But fitting this and my 11" sct in the car is a massive squeeze (I did have a 9.25 at SGL and just managed it, with the tents and stuff). So I have decided regrettably to sell. More images can be arranged, and by all means come and view it (no obligation).
  9. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Oh dear, this could be the start of a new trend. Artesky are probably looking at this thread. Dobsonian covers 'can also be used to subdue your other half for several hours' . Imagine the sales I am joking of course > eeek Happy Christmas all, and I look forward to the next SGL star party
  10. SGL2017 Picture thread

    The secret is out! edit: oops
  11. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Either that or you chucked the misses in it. No more nagging! Only joking of course
  12. Rosette Nebula in Ha

    Nice one! Very nice
  13. Just Joined

    Hi Griz, welcome to SGL! An 8inch can be a handful if you are disabled. Maybe get some neighbours interested to help you out, or best bet, get involved in your local astronomy society? All the best! Feel free to post more questions. Clear skies!
  14. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Recently got the ES14mm 100°. The televues are great. Once you go green and black you never go back. A big shout out to the Myriad 100°, I don't use it much as I have an F10 SCT, but when I do its great (on brighter objects like the moon, planets > if you can ever see 'em, and brighter planetary nebulae and Globs ), and especially good on my friends 14" Dob. Clear skies!
  15. What telescope.

    Are you new to astronomy? If you are maybe try a small refractor or maybe a 6 inch Dobsonian? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html Something like this will do. It's great value, and you can see a lot visually (although do not expect to see what you see in photographs, even a 30 inch scope cannot see the detail you see in photos) If you are not new to astronomy, then follow everyone else's guidelines > go for a 10 inch or 12 inch Dob. All the best! Clear skies