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Dave Baxter

Advice from Experienced ZWO ASI 224 MC Users

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Just wondering what other people have experienced with this camera.  I'm using a MacBook Pro, and want to use this camera with my Celestron 8SE.  Primarily interested in the planets and the moon, but some deep sky images would be great if it's up to it.  

It seems to be out of stock every where, but at $249 is about what I can afford to spend (no income at the moment).  All of the research I've been able to do on this camera indicates it should work well with my set up.

I'm just curious if you have had any issues or problems.  Thanks in advance!

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I use this for all planetary imaging a a few DSOs. You must use an IR block filter with it - I use a Baader. My avatar of Saturn was taken with one.


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I have been very happy with my ASI 224 MC and my C-11. No problems and takes great images on the rare occasions I have decent seeing.

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I use SkyXPro from Software Bisque as my main astro software.  It has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  I am currently using it on a RaspberryPi with my 224 but have used it on my Mac in the past with good results..

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    • By ntaylorblanchard
      Note on this issue: A suggestion from another forum seems to have found the problem but I'm not sure. It was suggested that after 3 hours my power tank was drained enough to inhibit the operation of the cooler. I attached my second (smaller) power tank and it seems to be working now. Of course the camera sat for awhile before I was given the idea that power was the issue and decided to try a test with a new power source.  If anyone has any additional information or suggestion for me they would be appreciated.  Original issue is below:
      HELP PLEASE! ASI294 MC Pro Stopped cooling Also have an image saving issue. I'll try to give as much detail as I can:
      Using APT with an ASI294 MC Pro - CAMERA IS NEW
      Cooler is powered by a Celestron Powertank 17 fully charged connected using an Orion DC cable w/Auto Lighter Plug
      Connecting via ASCOM ASI Camera 1 setting
      Properties are
      Image Type RAW 16
      Bayer RGGB
      Unity Gain
      Gain 120
      Offset 30
      USB limit 40
      The camera is plugged directly into the laptop NOT a USB hub. I believe all my laptops USB ports are USB 2.0
      No other software (such as PHD2) was running.
      No other cameras attached.

      Trying to create a dark library.
      Cooling to -5C from room temp of around 25-30C
      Camera and cooler were working fine for a couple of hours but I then ran into a snag:
      I got a time-out message from APT saying "Still waiting image from the camera - 30s" also -
      The cooling stopped working. (Red light indicating power is still on. Fan is still spinning.)
      I'm also noticing that the laptop is making the chime noise it makes when something is unplugged or plugged in.
      I tried connecting to the camera just using APT's ZWO camera setting with the same results.
      Black level and USB speed settings were left blank.
      Disconnecting and reconnecting everything seems to fix the problem only for a minute then I'm right back into the same problem. Changing USB ports does not help.
      I tried using ZWO's "ASI Studio" and I did not seem to have any problems capturing images but the cooler didn't seem to be working. (Power was = 100%)
      I tried using Sharpcap and did not seem to be able to do anything but I'm very unfamiliar with that software.
      I went back to APT and tried doing 10 lights exposures of 30 sec each with no power to the cooler. Those went ok. I then connected the cooler. The cooler cooled the camera down to 23.2C then stopped.
      Cooling Aid settings are
      Target -5
      Step 5
      Pause 5
      Timeout 120 (also tried timeout 300)
      Disconnected the cooler and ran another set of 10 30 sec light subs. These went ok. Tried set of 10 10 sec darks without cooler. This also went ok.
      I tried reinstalling the ASCOM drivers from the ASI site, restarted the laptop, restarted APT. Camera cooled from around 30C to 25.3C then stopped cooling (Red light indicating power is still on. Fan is still spinning.) I again started hearing the plugged/unplugged chimes from the laptop.
      So right now this seems to be some issue with the cooling. Is the camera defective?
      While I'm not computer illiterate, I'm not highly technical. I'd appreciate any help or advice but please put it into simple straightforward terms.
    • By Ronan Hunt
      Hi All,
      Im looking for preloved zwo asi 183mm Pro or 1600mm Pro and a zwo 8x1.25 inch EFW. Let me know if you have anything suitable. 

      Many Thanks,
    • By Cosmic Geoff
      Some quick results on Mars from the morning of 20 July. The seeing was good and Mars at a good altitude.  Equipment: CPC800, ASI224MC with IR-cut and IR-pass filters, ADC.
      The surface features show more clearly in infrared.  I forgot to try a Barlow lens on this small target, but have not had any good results with the cheap Skywatcher x2 Barlow in the past.  So these images are kinda small; I was going to x2 them in Photoshop but am having a problem with my network just now.  
      The surface detail checks out as Syrtis Major and Hellas with the southern icecap.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      An image of Jupiter with a transit of Io, showing the moon and its shadow, plus another moon (Callisto).  This was the best of a number of images.  I used shorter runs of 3000 images while contending with thin moving cloud, then 5000 when the cloud moved away. But the seeing seemed to deteriorate, so this is the best image.  I left the gear out in hopes of imaging Mars later but by 3am on the 18th, the sky had totally clouded over.
      Equipment: CPC800, ASI224MC, ADC, processed in Registax6. Best 20% of 3000 frames.
      The "Wavelet" section of Registax has six sliders. I have been in the habit of using just the top one, but adding some action with the second one definitely improved last night's set of images.

    • By Michael Hogan
      Sony IMX294 4/3 CMOS Sensor Extremely low read noise - 1.2e @30db gain 14Bit ADC - provides real 14bit dynamic range Electronic shutter - no issues with vibrations sometimes found in mechanical shutters USB3.0 Port (back compatible with USB2.0) - 16fps@4144×2822 AR coated protective window - all light can pass Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux LIKE NEW £750 FLO price with delivery is  £1,022.95 ill pay shipping getting ASI6200mc Pro why I'm selling camera is perfect.
      The camera will be shipped in box with all the extras
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