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Dave Baxter

Advice from Experienced ZWO ASI 224 MC Users

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Just wondering what other people have experienced with this camera.  I'm using a MacBook Pro, and want to use this camera with my Celestron 8SE.  Primarily interested in the planets and the moon, but some deep sky images would be great if it's up to it.  

It seems to be out of stock every where, but at $249 is about what I can afford to spend (no income at the moment).  All of the research I've been able to do on this camera indicates it should work well with my set up.

I'm just curious if you have had any issues or problems.  Thanks in advance!

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I use this for all planetary imaging a a few DSOs. You must use an IR block filter with it - I use a Baader. My avatar of Saturn was taken with one.


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I have been very happy with my ASI 224 MC and my C-11. No problems and takes great images on the rare occasions I have decent seeing.

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I use SkyXPro from Software Bisque as my main astro software.  It has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  I am currently using it on a RaspberryPi with my 224 but have used it on my Mac in the past with good results..

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    • By Nikolas74
      As I am ready to invest in this new CMOS camera from ZWO the Asi2600mc pro , I am trying to understand why this camera will be better than a DSLR with a filter Infront....
      How this camera will give me better images ?
      I have used DSLR camera some years ago , when I was starting this hobby but after that I have been through mono ccd's , since the time I realized that unfortunately due to lack of time I can not continue with mono imaging and filters....
      So I am thinking to give it a try with a brand new, let's say technology of Color CMOS and see what I can get out of it....
      I see some really nice examples on the net but am I going to achieve them ?
      The Zwo Asi294mc pro widely used around the world is also very promising...Discontinued already as I hear...Amp glow issues....is it really so annoying ?cheaper than the new asi2600 MC pro by half price....
      So can someone persuade me that the Zwo Asi2600mc pro is better than the others ? 🤔
    • By Cosmic Geoff
      Another Mars image ... in this one I have managed to record Olympus Mons which did not show in earlier images I made of the same longitude.  The seeing seemed good, but the sky was hazy and cloud-free as I set up. By the time I was ready to image, some cloud had come over, and instead of clearing it developed into 100% cover and an unexpected heavy shower.  As I was dismantling the now very wet telescope the sky cleared again offering a tempting view of Mars so I put all the bits back, aligned on Mars and took a series of videos.
      Kit: CPC800, ASI224MC, ADC.   20% of 5000 fromes, processed in Registax6.  I also tried a x2 Barlow but those images did not turn out well - looked out of focus.

    • By KEJ
      Can I please ask, is there anyone out there with the following or a similar setup to this:
      William Optics Z61 Scope + WO 61A Flattener + ZWO ASI533MC Pro (or other ZWO Camera) ?  
      Currently,  I have been using the following setup:
      William Optics Z61 Scope + WO 61A Flattener + Nikon DSLR
        However, by the end of the week I am hoping to have this new setup:
      William Optics Z61 Scope + WO 61A Flattener + ZWO ASI533MC Pro
        I was really just wondering how the more experienced out there had configured/connected their equipment together?
      How people connect their ZWO cameras to the flatteners?
      Are the flatteners still required with the smaller sensor cameras ?
      I was just wondering if anyone has any pictures of similar setups to above please (equipment trains)?
      Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.
    • By Cosmic Geoff
      Many of my Mars images show a ghosting around the planet (see sample image).  This was taken with a CPC800, ASI224MC and x2 OMNI Barlow lens.
      If I get a clear evening I can try narrowing down the cause before the Mars opposition & closest approach.
      The problem is obvious only when using the Barlow lens, but it seems present in some non-Barlow images but much harder to see.  It is only obvious in processed images like this one, not in the live raw image.  I have imaged Mars both with & without an ADC and once or twice with a flip mirror assembly (i.e. no diagonal or Barlow or ADC in the light path), without nailing the problem.
      I have swap outs for almost all the parts (including the telescope) but to pin down the problem could be time-consuming, so would appreciate a heads-up.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      On 14 Sept I tried EEVA imaging a number of planetary nebulae and other objects, with 102mm f5 achromat and ASI224MC camera on alt-az SLT mount & wood tripod.
      Among the most interesting were M76 and part of the Veil nebula.  The Veil is just visible in the image.  Skies are Bortle 6 here.

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