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  1. I've had some issues with my StarSense, mostly because I don't use it enough. I don't have your telescope, so can't comment on that, but yes, in theory, the telescope will track and direct you to objects. I haven't been nearly 100% successful with doing that (as the telescope seems to be close, but not on, the object I'm looking at). However, I was able to manually get to Jupiter (the auto align got close, but not on the object) by moving to the object with the usual keypad. No, you won't strain the motors by doing this, because the telescope doesn't *know* that it isn't on the "correct" o
  2. I used this lens to take pictures of the Comet NEOWISE without a tracker. 8 second exposures seemed to be the best (single image attached). It's an all around good lens, IMHO. There are definitely better lenses out there, but for what is essentially a kit lens, it does well. IMG_1980.psd
  3. Just wondering what other people have experienced with this camera. I'm using a MacBook Pro, and want to use this camera with my Celestron 8SE. Primarily interested in the planets and the moon, but some deep sky images would be great if it's up to it. It seems to be out of stock every where, but at $249 is about what I can afford to spend (no income at the moment). All of the research I've been able to do on this camera indicates it should work well with my set up. I'm just curious if you have had any issues or problems. Thanks in advance!
  4. Super nice shot and what a great location!
  5. Dave Baxter


    Comet NEOWISE Single exposure on my Canon Rebel SL2, 8 second exposure, processed with Photoshop

    © David Baxter

  6. Dave Baxter


    Comet NEOWISE shot 7/18/2020 in Virginia, USA. Approximately 7 images, 8 seconds each taken with my Canon Rebel SL2, and stacked in Photoshop.

    © David Baxter

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