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Walking on the Moon

Afocal Clavius


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I took this a couple nights ago.

I handheld my fujifim S5700 up to the eyepiece and videoed the image for 30 seconds.

Used virtualdub & registax to create an image.

Quite pleased with the result :hello2:




(click to enlarge)

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I was impressed with your image, Would you mind if I have a fiddle with it?

I am using a new piece of software that should sharpen them up but I can't take any new images to test it out as my cloud magnet is working too well here. No chance of me seeing the Moon or anything at the moment.


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Ian - great image for hand held afocal.

De-saturating the image would get rid of the slight colour fringing on the craters' etc.

I've attached the de-saturated version with high pass filter sharpening and a bit of shadows & highlights adjustment in PS.




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Cheers Ant

The seeing from London on the 6th was pretty good. Almost as good as Greg's garden in Devon......

When I could see about 20 craters visually in Clavius I thought it would be worth a crack at videoing the image. :hello2:



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