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My first GeeGee...


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...Oh boy, what a game I had with this one!

I setup early to make sure that everything was working properly, then had to wait about an hour until the horse cleared the obsy side wall. Took the first image - great. Set the capture s/w to loop, then went indoors to warm up. Went back to check all was well - the second sub had a satellite through it and the third had star trails! PHD had stopped working. Restarted PHD, still not working. Then EQMod was not working. Closed down the laptop, restarted, then had to go through the process of telling EQMod where the scope was pointing. One hour later I was up and running again and I'm relieved that everything turned out OK.

8x300s, Explorer 200, 12nm Ha filter, FR (effectively x0.75), guided with ST80 + PHD, processed with DSS + PS cs.


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Thanks guys, it was worth the effort then?

When I built the obsy I wasn't 100% sure that the scope would be able to "see" the HH & M42 (my 3d computer model suggested it would be OK, but...). As it is, the main scope is fine but the guidescope only just manages to "peer" over the side wall. This could be academic though, as my landlord has planning permission to build a house in the garden which may obscure my view further. So, best make hay whilst the sun shines, as it were!


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All's well that ends well Steve. This ended very well, that's one hell of a HH, especially a first timer.

I love to see this nebula in Mono too, it suits it, and gives a very deep space aura to it.

There's nothing in your way now. More goodies to capture.

Ron. :salute:

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