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I've searched the internet (or CN and SGL) and found mixed info about these...

Do any of you own ES 52, how good are they really? Are they premium simple design like TV plossl, with nice premium coating? Or they are just some nothing special eyepiece with ES stamped on it?

I can't seem to find any on used market, so no one is selling them. There doesn't seem to be much hype about them now...

I also found some huge review here, from someone who signed up just to make that review, it does seem a bit odd ūüĎ®‚ÄćūüĎ©‚ÄćūüĎß‚ÄćūüĎß...¬†


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They have more elements than Plössls and are larger and heavier.

As a result, eye reliefs are longer than Plössls and so they are usable down to 3mm focal lengths.

But, like many ES eyepieces, control of astigmatism at the edges in fast focal ratios, or control of internal light scatter, are the two places where they don't measure up to the high end eyepieces.

Bear in mind, these are very inexpensive eyepieces, so match your expectations to the price.  If you look at it that way, they are good eyepieces.

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    • By redhat
      Hello everyone,
      Bit of a backround: I've been a keen stargazer when in my teenage years, then couldn't pursuit my passion, but recently, in my forties, it hit me again, as I moved  and life is good (South facing large garden, obstructed only from the North by our house, but then I just move the scope further and viola!). Started with 90mm refractor, but was always thinking of reflector.
      Long story short, I've got my SkyWatcher Star Discovery 150P GOTO a week ago. Bought it second hand, very good condition, and good mirror. Have got two nights stargazing, cought cold and I AM LOVING IT.
      Now I would like to get me a nice wide angle ep for DSO spotting.
      The scope is 150mm / 750mm f5. I've done some reading obviously, and Explore Scientific 82 degree series have all good reviews and fit within my budget. I can afford only one, and apparently  the best for DSOs is the one that gives 2mm exit pupil. Now, for my scope that would be 10mm piece, and that is not within ES 82 degree range, so it's down to 11mm (2.2mm exit pupil) or 8.8mm (1.76mm exit pupil).
      My question is: which one would be better for my rediscovered passion? I'm gonna be using that ep for faint mostly.
      Thanks to  everyone in advance for any kind advise.

    • By Kronos831
      Heyyy its meee kronos and i have been wondering about getting a filter...I really want the best contrast and brightness i can on my nebulas(i want to view M42 M57 M27 M31  M81 M82 and lots more) with my future 8" dob. Is this filter really going to help me?
      If it just a matter of quality of the filter itself  can you suggest a better one in the same price range?
      Or will not the uhc filter help me in general .IF so can you reccomend another one?
      Also is this         https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uhc-oiii-visual-filters/uhc-filter.html         this       https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uhc-oiii-visual-filters/es_uhc_filter_125.html        https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uhc-oiii-visual-filters/baader-uhc-s-filter.html               this better?
    • By Neil27
      For sale is my lovely Explore Scientific APO ED 102mm triplet refractor.
      Lovely condition, great optics that are unmarked and blemish free, views are stunning and pin sharp.
      Selling due to lack of use, as a recent change of job keeps me away from home quite a bit, so its not getting any use.
      Comes with:
      Essential 102mm triplet APO refractor
      Tube rings with integrated carry handle
      Vixen dovetail
      2 inch visual back / adaptors and focuser
      Aluminium case
      It is the essentials model so didn't come with any finder or diagonal.
      Price is £450 ovno due to condition and inclusion of vixen dovetail.
      Payment accepted is cash, cheque or bank transfer (which is easiest) or PayPal if buyer pays fees.
      Pick up only or can meet half way by arrangement - don't really like sending optics through the post.
      Thanks for reading and if you have any questions then please pm me and we can discuss in more detail.

    • By jeffkane5
      I am wanting to take up astrophotography and recently sold my Celestron 5se as this was not giving me the results I want.
      I have been researching scopes over the last year or so and have made a short list based on what I can afford and what will give me the results I am after and of course build quality.
      My short list in no particular order is 
      Explore scientific 80 triplet
      William optics z61
      Skywatcher 100ed
      My dilemma is which one to go with. All the reviews are equally as good although 1 or 2 negative notes on the skywatcher but not enough to put me off. Whatever I go with will most likely be a second hand unit as I hate buying items like this new. The exception may be the Williams as not too many come up on the used market. Is this a good sign I ask?
      Can anyone give me a steer as to which scope to settle with?
    • By 25585
      Apo F8 & Dob F4.7 tests¬† https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/user-reviews/comparing-the-masuyama-25mm-52¬į-25mm-65¬į-and-26mm-85¬į-r3122
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