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  1. It's not real grease but some graphite grease which I use for my guitar nut and you're right I should be careful ... I think I'll listen to you and try with the plumbers tape... Thanks
  2. I bought the Heritage last summer as a complete beginner and I still didn't buy anything bigger, although I'm a bit tempted to do so. It's a great and portable scope and you can see stuff with it. The moon, planets and clusters look great, nebulas and galaxies are a bit fainter but still fun. If you find really dark skies probably they're less faint... I enjoy manual tracking and star hopping with a red dot finder, but for that you need dark skies, if you want to observe from a light polluted location then you're limited to planets and the Moon. The good thing about the scope is that it's very light, cheap, good optics (I'm no expert but they seem good), for storage I keep it in my not very big apartment and it actually looks nice on a shelf. The focuser is not very good, you can focus with it on small mag, but on bigger mag I find it very difficult... I've added some grease so it's better, but still... If storage is not an issue you can get a full tube scope of same aperture which should have similar weight but it's larger as it's not foldable, but should have a better focuser...Also I'd like to have a sun filter which doesn't seem to be a good idea with an open tube... As for the mount I use dome aluminum ladder and an improvised wooden box, it's actually very stable. Sometimes I use just the wooden box and sit on a small stool, that's also comfortable... So whatever you buy it should be fun...
  3. This guy apparently also sells a TS carbon tube upgrade for the scope, for a small increase in price. Do you think it would be possible to use it with AZ4? It should be lighter with carbon, but still too long or? Although the white tube looks better which shouldn't be an issue, but somehow is... EDIT: I'll go see the scope in a few weeks as it's not very close to me, otherwise I would have probably decided by now (or maybe)...
  4. Thanks for the explanation I understand now I actually enjoy finding the process stuff manually, sometimes I fail but it's fun anyway so probably won't be installing electronics... And those 2 mounts look great, but maybe I'm not patient enough to make them precisely... I'll think about it more...
  5. Ok I've realized that this one comes on a DIY mount, which I don't like. So the price would be just below 300£ for the tube with a focuser, finder, rings (which also look different than scarp15's image). I'm not sure I want a big and heavy eq mount (or maybe I'm sure). AZ would be ok but I would need something heavier and more expensive than AZ4. I actually can't find any suitable AZ, except those double scope mounts, but then I'd need one more scope . The mount on the scarp15's image looks so classy ,nicely made and practical. But it costs 330€ on TS site and I have other stuff to spend money on in life so... So is there a good dobsonian mount I could buy for not too much money, any thoughts? Thanks
  6. Nature is so nice there, I've been only in London... Next time I go to UK I must go a bit north. The scope and the mount look great...
  7. So you're using 8 newt on AZ4 and it's good. I never thought about it... I might just reconsider again as this lightweight is very appealing...
  8. Thanks, I thought to buy 200/1200, I'll just wait for the right ad to come up. There is a GSO 200 f6 now for 300gbp including a few colored filters, a Barlow and 4 EP 9mm UWA and various plossls... Maybe that's not a bad deal... I'll think a bit no hurry. It's uncommonly cloudy here these days anyway... We never had this many rainy days in May, or April...
  9. Bressers look great... It's on a Dob base, I didn't even check ebay as the shipping here should be costly... I never thought about buying this until I've seen the used ad, but it's still a bit of a stretch for me... I think I'll go for something like SW and used. I just wanted to see if I'll miss much if I don't get this scope as it won't come up in the ads again very soon, but something else will... No hurry, I have a scope already Thanks everyone
  10. Hi, I'm not really in the market for a new scope, but maybe I am, I'm not sure... Or if you want: I'm undecided or maybe I'm not... I'll post, I guess that's what forums are for... So there is an Orion UK VX8L (1/8 lambda) dobsonian with a used price of 500€ currently available near me, so I'm wandering should I buy it, I wouldn't like to miss it but still I'm not sure for visual astronomy how much difference is between this one and the GSO, SW or similar scopes which are avaliable very often. Orion is also a bit lighter to carry and has a smaller secondary so it's allegedly sharper on planets... I'm still not sure do I want a 20kg scope as now I'm quite happy with my small Heritage 130p, but still I think I'm slowly overgrowing this scope and in would like to see stuff a bit better. I often observe with my kids, so we'd be good with 2 scopes. I understand it's good for AP but that's too much for me now, maybe when I can have a permanently positioned scope somewhere... I also thought about buying AZ-4 for my heritage and then in time maybe get a Mak or a smaller APO and use it with a mount and stick with smaller scopes, but this route is much more expensive and I suppose I'd still want a bigger scope eventually... So if this Orion is better I might even buy it, so if any of you have experience with this scope or some, it would be great if you tell me about it... Thanks
  11. I got the same scope last summer as a complete newbie. I think for starters you can use stock eyepieces as they are not that bad, after some time you'll know better what you need. I was very happy with the views last summer with just stock EPs. Also beginners eye is not the same as the experienced observers eye. If you buy all EPs now, what will you do later...? Heritage is a great scope, very light and fast to setup...
  12. For now I'll stick with the night sky, but it's great that you can see the motion, unbelievable... Sometime I'll have a look one way or another...
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