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Here is my sketch of m81 and m82

sketched in good seeing and in my light polluted backyard

5C1E142E-9B60-4CB8-84AC-21A51C97EA71.thumb.jpeg.7845d9125744b067c5958f71be8f34a4.jpeg250C8F48-98A2-4552-81F1-07A8B7BF0B69.thumb.jpeg.b6a8640f7d7834edb03251118218b404.jpeg(Spiral arms fainter than the sketching , could just make them out as a halo outside of the core

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Well done Kronos for spotting 2 "dim fuzzies" from a light polluted location.

I have so far failed to bag M81 or M82 from my light polluted backyard with an 8" F/5 Newt.

I am  encouraged by your result, so I'll keep trying.

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Thank you lenscap! here is a little guide.

I use this to determine if im close to finding them.

Firstly i find this in my 8x50 finder



The star pattern out of the field of view towards the north helps me confirm if i found the right spot

once you have found that, look through your scope.image.thumb.jpg.ce8deeaf486e83dad2ce8bed652629b3.jpgyou should see something like thhis,after that, go west(about a first quarter moon diameter) , as the arrow points you should then,find the 2 galaxies.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Best wishes,clear skies,


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    • By kuvik
      I'm from Hungary. This is my first post. I am glad to be here.
      Recently I'm trying to sketch some deep-sky objects. I've made this observation yesterday. Cygnus was near to the zenith and the sky was pretty dark.

      NGC 7000 is one of my favourite target. I like to observe it with any telescopes, especially with RFTs and with UHC filter.
      Please excuse my language errors.
    • By RJ901
      NGC 1528 at 150x

      Spent just under 45 minutes at the eyepiece, so ran up against the issue of field rotation (really for first time in my limited sketching experience) and realized the importance of not only anchoring features to certain areas within the eyepiece, but also (and probably more importantly) using the relative locations between 3 and 4 stars at a time to make as accurate a sketch as possible.
    • By RJ901
      The ongoing deluge continues in my neck of the woods so, instead of enjoying the lack of a moon, I’ve scanned my first sketch, made this past October: Open Cluster IC 4996, in Cygnus. I’ve got a long way to go, especially with getting the scale right, but I definitely enjoy the almost Zen like state of focus that I fall into while spending 30+ minutes on one DSO. It’s also made me spend more time on each object while not sketching; its incredible the details that pop out after 15+ minutes, even in light polluted skies.

    • By AbeSapien
      Hello fellow gazers
      I want to share a little project of mine I started a few days ago.
      Last week I opened another thread regarding a new EP which I ordered and @YKSE commented on it (again thank you for that! ). I saw his awesome signature and blandly copied it into my signature thinking to myself that I as of now had a Mission... a Mission to see and log all those beautiful clusters, nebulas and galaxies! As a well known sitcom actor would say... "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!"
      Then I ran into a few problems... first of all... where the hell would I find all the information I would need and secondly, the more pressing problem, how would I keep track of this huge amount of everything?! I really don't know how YKSE is doing it, or even others, but I thought to myself that a good ol' classic excel table would do the trick. I promptly started to gather the four catalogues in question, copied them into an excel tabel an HEY! there are MANY dublicates... Filtering them out isn't that easy since the information I found isn't completely to the point I would need it to be. So after a few days of manual crunching NGC numbers, here the actual result.
      The list includes a general number of the whole list, NGC / other number, the four catalogues, common name, type, distance, constellation, apparent magnitude and a "best to observe"-tab.
      To make things a little easier I included the NGC / other number to almost completely eliminate the duplicates. I also included a "best to observe"-tab to simply filter the catalogues by months. This way I can grab the list, filter it and promptly see what I could potentially see and what not. And the most important thing of all? A small cell where I can put an "x" if I've seen whatever I wanted to see. This goes allong with a date and location tab to round everything up.
      In some separate sheets I created a General Overview, the four separate catalogues and a Constellation sheet where I'll put some valuable information.
      The General Overview will be a sheet holding the logs information. For example I can immediately check how many objects I've seen of the Messier Objects or the Collinder Catalog and so on. I'll display a simple number like 56 / 110 Messier Objects and include a percentage diagram. To make things a little funnier I'll also add a general counter for the four catalogues, hence the previously mentioned general number of the whole list. After the list is complete I could se myself linking every entry to an online catalogue with more information and pictures for further research.
      If someone wants this list I'll gladly share it
      Have a great evening everyone,
    • By TheOtherJD
      Hi everyone,
      Here's my submission... A sketch (old school, I know...) made on Friday, 27 October.  I drew the sketch using my 20 year-old Meade LX10(!), with a 12.4 Super Plossl EP. The sketch was made with white Conte crayons on a black paper A3 sketch book. I'm way, way out of practice, having only recently dusted off my scopes after a long hiatus, so looking forward much more observing, and much more sketching.

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