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Tuseday Prom Action 31-7-18


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seams like ages since ive got any shots, seeings cloudy with the odd gap. some nice proms on show today if you get chance.

kit starwave 102, asi120mc quark,

hope you all have better skys than me. thanks for looking. charl. 

large prom set off going limb upper. 2 pane to get it all in.


bit lower,


very nice prom near the bottom.


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Thanks Charl for the heads up again and the great photos.

Just been out with the PST + DS and viewed the Proms. To be honest virtually no surface detail just two very small bright spots with nothing associated with them.

SpaceWeather.com quotes this "The sun has been without sunspots for 33 of the past 34 days. To find a similar stretch of blank suns, you have to go back to 2009 when the sun was experiencing the deepest solar minimum in a century. "

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