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Horsehead and Surroundings

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Field around the Horsehead Nebula bordering up to the edge of M42. I wanted to try to bring out some dust below the Ha region but ran out of time to deal better with the crazier stars. First time I've processed the Horsehead without any Ha data added (will have a go now I've done the LRGB only version for this competition).

L 42x5min, R 16x5min, G 16x5min, B 25x5min, taken in December 2017 and January/February 2018 with a Takahashi E-130D on Avalon Linear mount with Moravian G3-16200 mono CCD. Processed in Pixinisght.

Hope you enjoy!





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Thanks littleguy80, tooth_dr and Richard.

Regarding framing I aimed to capture the hydrogen alpha emission ic434 and some of the dust beneath it and by luck  found that centring on sigma Orion gave a good balance of the two. Handy reference point when plate solving wasnt working too.

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