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  1. Ikonnikov

    Inchworm Cluster

    Yes, tilt is my main problem with the epsilon and g3 ccd. I'm even planning to try out a guidescope instead of the oag so i can make space for a camera tilting unit in the optical train. Looks pretty mild in your images though.
  2. Ikonnikov

    Inchworm Cluster

    A lot of image for not a lot of integration time, very nice!
  3. Ikonnikov

    autofocus with OAG guiding ?

    New to me too, sounds like a good idea!
  4. Ikonnikov

    ASI290MM Mini

    I concur, I'm using this as a guide camera with an OAG on a 10"RC and it works significantly better than the ASI120MM it replaces. The 1.25" barrel format has also allowed me to incorporate a 0.5x reducer into the light path to give a wider selection of guide stars and better signal to noise ratio at this quite long (2m) focal length. And this combo is quite a lot cheaper than the IMX174 based cameras whilst still providing a decent field of view (with the reducer). Paul
  5. Ikonnikov

    Esprit 100 or Takahashi 106 ???

    There is optical testing of both scopes on this blog (which is mainly in English although some older content is in German): http://interferometrie.blogspot.co.uk/ The FSQ106 comes out best as expected, but the differences with the Esprit 100ED aren't great and are unlikely to be apparent when deep sky imaging. The Esprit 120ED does slightly better in these tests than the 100ED but this has quite a lot longer focal length at 840mm (though it has apparently been used successfully with the 0.75x APM Riccardi reducer bringing it down to 630mm). If you have no plans to make use of a decent proportion of the FSQ's (giant) image circle IMHO the Esprit is the obvious choice (the Petzval design of the FSQ would be nice to have but I don't think it would justify the extra money alone). Paul
  6. Ikonnikov

    Astro-Tech RC 14"

    For my 10 inch rc I use a takahashi collimating scope then fine tune using the DSI method (google DSI collimation). In essence this uses your camera to monitor star shapes on and off axis to guide adjustments of primary and secondary mirror collimation. It works very well. You could probably just use the Dsi method from your current collimation state without needing the Tak scope. Regarding your focuser i suspect that the large bolt is a pull screw and the two smaller ones either side are push screws. In which case before dsi collimation procedure I would reset the focuser tilt by fully tightening the three pull screws making sure you've sufficiently loosened the push screws to allow this. You may still have some tilt in the system but at F8 this is unlikely to be a major contributor to the misshapen stars. Once the collimation is as good as you can get it by mirror adjustments, if there is still a focus gradient you can then try to alter focuser tilt and monitor its effect with a programme like pixinsight or ccd inspector. The circular defects you describe are residual dust bunnies not fully removed by your flats. This could be due to a differing focus position between flats and lights or by a difference in calibration between the two e.g. no dark/bias subtraction from on or the other or different readout speed etc. Hope this helps. Paul
  7. How long til it arrives? Hopefully you'll have spring/early summer to play around with things it so it's all sorted in time for the start of the new season...
  8. Ikonnikov

    Horsehead HaRgb

    Nice result. I'm still wrestling to combine my Ha Horsehead data with the RGB without trashing it; you seem to have improved the main emission nebula without spoiling the dust below (which I haven't managed so far). Paul
  9. Ikonnikov

    Horsehead Nebula Mono Hydrogen Alpha

    Thanks Barry will give it a go.
  10. Ikonnikov

    Horsehead Nebula Mono Hydrogen Alpha

    Thanks for the advice Barry, I haven't used the HaRVB script before and on further reading it seems that it's been removed from the version of PI I'm currently running (1.8.05); any idea on how to get it back? Also I presume you use this in preference to the NBRGB script (which is still present)?
  11. Ikonnikov

    Orion HaRgb

    Thought so, was wondering how combining the OSC plus mono camera data compares to just using the mono with Ha/LRGB filters.
  12. Ikonnikov

    Orion HaRgb

    Very nice! Did you use both cameras on the Star 71? Paul
  13. Ikonnikov

    Horsehead Nebula Mono Hydrogen Alpha

    Yes it's not in a great place in uk skies to image. DSLR and Ha filter combination is also a slow business. Have you tried a uhc-s type filter (the IDAS LP V4 perhaps being the pick of the bunch)? Although they've got a wider bandpass around Ha than your astronomic filter they also let you collect some blue reflection nebula and oiii emission nebula signal at the same time (if you want to make a colour image).
  14. Ikonnikov

    Horsehead Nebula Mono Hydrogen Alpha

    Which scope are you using (from previous posts I thought you were toting an Esprit 150 which is about two E130D's worth!)? Will you be posting it soon?
  15. Ikonnikov

    Horsehead Nebula Mono Hydrogen Alpha

    Ok cheers!

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