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Your simple polarizing filters are stranger than you think

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I stopped watching cause it hurt my head - the "hidden variable" thing... :/

I did have a play in a spreadsheet though... isn't it just that transmission is proportional to the square of the cosine of the angle of filter N with respect to the polarisation angle of the incident light (in other words, the angle of filter N-1), or something like that? By introducing B, the light into C is no longer polarized as the same angle as it was when it left A, rather it's polarized at the angle of B, so the effect of C is different.

A + C = cos(45)^2 = 0.5

A + B + C = cos(22.5)^2 * cos(22.5)^2 = 0.85 * 0.85 = ~72%


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I thought hidden variables had been discredited? No matter--this was fantastic. After the Paris experiments by Alain Aspect et al., Bell was asked what he thought the violation of his inequality portended, faster-than-light travel or non-locality? He opted for the latter interpretation. Here, at the end, they suggested that faster-than-light travel equated to non-locality. I wonder whether what I read had misunderstood John, or if such parsing is even meaningful? But WOW--how well done was that?

Anyone ever read "The Conscious Universe" by Kafatos and Nadeau?


Thanks for this

As an aside, but maybe not quite as perplexing, Niels Bohr was fascinated with the western gunfight, but no matter how many times he tested, he could never get the first draw to statistically overcome the second. Itsa Fact


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