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  1. Ben the Ignorant

    New member saying "Hello".

    Hi! Cool story, good thing you're a tinkerer, that's what saves many things that would otherwise be trashed. But are you sure know enough now to chose the right scope for you?
  2. Dob. Eq mounts are for imaging.
  3. Ben the Ignorant

    My small frac beat my dob :-/

    Yes to the first question, and no to the second. If you look into observational astronomy history these stories as as old as the first large quality refractors and reflectors, say the mid-ninetieth century. Their optical tolerances would match but the refractor users looking into big reflectors wondered what happened to their pristine Airy disks. I suppose they were the first to call them hairy disks. Aperture rules, big dobs sell (I've got one) but apos of necessarily smaller aperture sell, too (I've got two).
  4. Ben the Ignorant

    Celestron astromaster 130 eq md

    Hi! I don't know about the Astromaster's mount but I have the Sky-Watcher version of that optical tube (built at the same factory, sold under different brand names). Both mirrors have excellent shape and polishing. It is a very sharp scope.
  5. Ben the Ignorant

    Help for planetary newby please

    Mak 127 at prime focus means f/12, right? That would be very slow for the deep sky but it's much too fast for planets, and the image scale is too small. Try a 2x (f/24) or 3x (f/36) barlow. Relative brightness will be cut by 4 or 9, respectively, and the planet will be much bigger on the sensor. That will also make it more sensitive to turbulence but planetary imaging is at least an f/20 game.
  6. Teleskop Spezialisten has had this on promo for many months: https://www.teleskop-spezialisten.de/shop/Telescope/Dobsonian/till-200mm/Telescope-KSON-102/640-f/6-3-Mini-Dobsonian-Newtonian::14.html?language=en Among the compact dobs it is the only one with a relaxed f/ratio of 6.3, and a compressed price of only 120€ (are you in the US on in Europe?). This focal ratio makes even cheap simplistic eyepieces perform okay, much better than any f/4 telescope, anyway.
  7. Ben the Ignorant

    New Lower Delivery Charges

    I'm an occasional international customer at FLO, nice to know.
  8. Ben the Ignorant

    Hi folks....bit of a stuttered start

    The friends are right! A 90mm maksutov can't do more than 180x. The rule of thumb says the maximal power of a scope is twice the diameter; don't close your mind to - many! - other possibilities that you can learn later on, but for now it's simpler to remember twice the diameter.
  9. Ben the Ignorant

    1.25" filter advice

    I use Astronomik's UHC-E "budget" broadband filter, don't know how another could perform noticeably better, and I especially don't see why one should spend more on a broadband filter. Same for Baader's 10nm O-III unit, can't imagine how nebulas could look cleaner. The Astronomik did a very good job on a comet and a good one on a few galaxies. Even some globulars liked it a bit, but not as much as galaxies and comets in non-nebular stuff.
  10. Yes, for bright small things like planetary nebulas and distant globular clusters. Some smallish galaxies with strong surface brightness like NGC 3115 (in Sextans) will benefit, too.
  11. Only a 2x barlow and you had enough focal length to see that much on Mars? How small are your pixels?
  12. Ben the Ignorant

    site worthy of a gander

    It has had a permanent link on my computer since last year. Great resource, highly recommended.
  13. Ben the Ignorant

    Venus in UV from 2-6-2018

    Nice. Do you also image it in infrared?
  14. Ben the Ignorant

    TSA120 first light

    Nice! I'm also split between doublets and triplets, own one of each type in 80mm, don't know what to prefer in bigger glass if I ever get one.
  15. Ben the Ignorant

    Help identifying ULTRA bright object

    That behaved like a tumbler except the brightness is way out of tumbling satellite league. I am clueless but interested. And hello to you, too! You're starting off with intriguing stuff!

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