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  1. Ben the Ignorant


    I don't know about tripods for binoculars but you can buy the cheaper Celestron, just check that the warranty is the same duration. In case it's two years for the Omegon and one for the Celestron the extra price could be justified. I don't know but the folks at Astroshop are polite and responsive, they'll tell you.
  2. Ben the Ignorant


    Hello, Ivo. That 15x70 is a clone of the Celestron Skymaster and is also sold under other brands. I've tried several Skymasters and they all gave good images, good brillance, good sharpness, comfortable eyecups, not heavy to hold. The older 15x70's of that type lost optical alignment easily when they received little shocks but I'm told the newer ones resist shocks better. They are not waterproof or fogproof but most of Portugal has mild temperatures at night so it's probably not a problem. Astroshop gave you an honest advice.
  3. Ben the Ignorant

    Pre-first light. Action EX 10x50

    You seem to be destined to be a hardcore lifetime observer; I don't see that energy and impatience very often.
  4. Ben the Ignorant

    Super Blood Wolf Moon from North America!

    It could have called the ominous Moon or the copper Moon.
  5. Ben the Ignorant

    Evostar 120ED Diagonal

    If the 120ED needed a prism diagonal Sky-Watcher would make one. Please delete bizarro repeated posts.
  6. Ben the Ignorant

    Evostar 120ED Diagonal

    If the 120ED needed a prism diagonal Sky-Watcher would make one.
  7. Ben the Ignorant

    Evostar 120ED Diagonal

    If the 120ED needed a prism diagonal Sky-Watcher would make one.
  8. Ben the Ignorant

    Need Help Deciding

    New Jersey, so probably not the darkest sky. The little extra light of the 60mm will be offset by less contrast because of the nearly 7mm exit pupil. All the 7mm binocs and finders I looked through lost some visibility of the deep sky because of too much background brightness. Even the 5mm itself is sometimes too much in extreme cases, and a 4mm yields more fuzzies. I don't mind 16x and some of my friends don't tolerate handheld 8x, so this feature is too personal for another person to help you decide.
  9. Ben the Ignorant

    Magnets and miracles

    Someone did that to compare the lens layout of a Tele Vue 100° and an Explore 100°, so there is hope!
  10. Ben the Ignorant

    Magnets and miracles

    Yep, I suppose that is what's going on, and it will for a long time if we project the current situation in the future. Problem is, for me personally, I already have a good 10x50 that I hold steady enough, so even the largest electronic stabis wouldn't get me much more; their objectives are 50mm, too. I also have an old achromatic Fujinon 16x70 which weighs more, so I dream of either a much lighter 70mm, or a much more stable one. The Zeiss 60mm stabi costing 7200€, a larger - and apo - one is out of the question, but at least I wanted the satisfaction of knowing how these work, which I can't have. That's not military technology or it wouldn't be sold in stores, so I believe Zeiss and Newcon should show us nerds that intriguing machinery, they love tech and we love tech, too.
  11. Ben the Ignorant

    Magnets and miracles

    How does it answer those questions?
  12. Sky-Watcher sells all types of refractors, achromats, semi-apos, apos, doublets and triplets, but Sky-Watcher sells no prism diagonals, only mirrors, so...
  13. Ben the Ignorant

    Which Nikon binos should I get? Beginner.

    When I received my TS Marine 10x50 that adapter was in the pouch eventhough I had not ordered one, and it is not among the listed accessories. Don't know if TS wanted to offer me a little gift for my first order or if the thing is standard, but you might get one, too, just wait.
  14. Ben the Ignorant

    Which Nikon binos should I get? Beginner.

    Have you asked friends, family and neighbors if they own binoculars you could try?
  15. Ben the Ignorant

    Magnets and miracles

    Lots of valid answers but still no clue as to why these batteryless stabis cost so much. The Farvision 20x50 was tagged 2,500$ in 2015; I expected that would drop, and competitors would show up, but no. No explained reason why they are so rare, looks like that 7,200€ Zeiss is the only magnetic on the market for now. No view of what's inside, no nothing. Not even a clue why there is no clue. I guess I'll just wait and see if some other maker proposes a nice version of this system that doesn't cost as much as a good used car.

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