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Walking on the Moon

NGC 6188


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This is my first attempt at processing my Ha and OIII data for NGC 6188 acquired during my recent visit to Namibia. The unusual weather conditions during my visit caused real problems with the FSQ106. Constant temperature changes throughout the night meant that I was continually re-focussing.

Takahashi FSQ106

Moravian G3-16200

Fornax 51

Ha: 7x 20 minutes

OIII: 4x 20 minutes



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Wonderful image with great composition and heaps of very fine detail and well defined stars.  I like the way your wider field adds context and contrast to central region. 

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On 03/07/2017 at 18:44, whipdry said:

Really nice image Andrew...  have you gave up on using the G3 16200 with the baby Q ?



Not at all Peter. The 106 was just on hire in Namibia to lessen the baggage requirements.

Last night was clear so I put the camera back on the 85 and took a few test images. I don't understand this yet but all the tilt issues I had previously have now disappeared. As far as I can determine, everything has gone back as it came off so I'm rather puzzled. This is the output from CCD Inspector; auto-focussed on a star in the middle of the field and then stepped out about 50 microns. Without the focus offset the results are a touch worse. The curvature is due to some slight turn up at the corners but nothing serious.


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