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If your just starting out then the 700d is great. You can control it with the EOS Software that comes with the camera or download it from the Canon website.

I used one and had good results on timed exposers. Never used the Video function on it, but am sure you will get good results.

You will need the Canon T ring adaptor https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/t-rings.html

and the nose   .https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/low-profile-125-nosepiece-c-threads.html





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Hi. I have a 700d. It has a big sensor, is hassle free, works out of the box and is sensibly priced. Even though you may have the clear maltese skies to justify the cost and hassle of a ccd, with the dslr route, you'll come away with an image from your first session. I feel certain the mono brigade will throw me off the list for saying that but anyway, FWIW, just my  €0.02. HTH

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I've been using 700D or modded 600D (same sensor) for a couple of years.

work well, reliable, some good imaging/capture software supports it.

ive started using  it piggy back on OTA with lens attached and focus controlled using the EOS Utility for 10-15s exposures.

good starting place in my view.


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