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  1. Thanks all for the time spent. At least I know there is something worthwhile in there. Going to try for more data tonight tonight
  2. I blindly followed the steps in “Inside PixInsight” by Warren Keller, 2nd ed.
  3. Light_M82_60.0s_Bin1_183_gain111_20211122_-0.5C.tiffI offer for criticism the attached of Bode’s nebulae. First time integrating with PixInsight 1.8.8-8 Couple of hours @ 60mins. ASI183MC pro (just purchased from @Grant Fribbens) RedCat 51 c/w ASIAIR Pro, EAF, WO slide guide & ASI 174MM, on AVX.
  4. Put a set of rings and a dovetail around the OTA, and you can rotate the OTA in them. I used that principle on a Celestron SLT 130 which also has a dovetail directly attached. Kept the dovetail on the OTA, and ensure the dovetail on the rings was about 90 deg away from the original.
  5. only the later has remained unchanged.
  6. Today I took delivery of a ZWO ASI 183MC Pro courtesy @Grant Fribbens. Well packaged, and complete. I was concerned for a moment as this was sold as second hand, but, initial inspection revealed no signs of use and I feared it was a new 2nd 183 that Grant had had and sent accidentally. Fortunately panic over, I final found a very tiny little mark showing it had been used - what a relief. Clearoutside indicates cloudless periods tonight. Packaging and product inspection
  7. I just spotted this on the for sale section. It looks like a good starter mount for the tubes you have.
  8. I would be tempted to upgrade the mount first as it’s quite lightweight. A couple of thing people have done with similar light tripods is fill the legs with sand several 1L bottles of water on the tray, and hang some from the tray as well when Imaging, keep the legs as short as possible That should make it more stable. As the focus plane of the tubes is likely more than 55mm from camera sensor, I think you will probably want to get a 1.25” Barlow c£25 and a T2 - Nikon adapter, c£30 to connect the Barlow to the camera. That should be a reasonable starting point. FYI my first set up was Nikon D90 with T2 adapter, 2x Barlow and the Celestron SLT130 and I used the water bottle idea to improve stability.
  9. Leave the ‘pier’ in place and replace the mount with a bird bath when necessary
  10. If you want to push things further, then, according to Sky and Telescope, there is a 4th component. https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/meet-dubhe-giant-star-big-dipper/
  11. Thanks USB while powering mount is not an issue - I always have a couple of fully power banks with me. If cover breaks off? There will be easy fixes before the covers get lost. Agreed, at the price pint, you would want better, but next version may take these criticisms into account.
  12. Indeed Its one that I am considering.
  13. Does that include Windows? You would have to buy a license otherwise.
  14. Only email I can see is for traders At may age failing eyesight is a given any more clues?
  15. I leave mine outside, nearly all year round, under a thingy wotsit* 365 cover - worked fine for past few years * il look up who makes it.
  16. I’d support this as there is a large number of control devices as @powerlord says, but discussions in spread across many other discussion areas. To me, it makes sense now to have separate area in the same way as cameras, mounts and such. Just my tu’pence worth
  17. I would agree - I got a 200P-DS to put on the AVX, pretty close to HEQ5, but it was just a little too much if there was any sort out of breeze. Bought a CGEM-DX which works fine with the 200P-DS. The AVX carries short tube 8” OTAs, e.g. . SCT and RASA, well. Also great with the 80mm Skywatcher equinox and esprit.
  18. I wish I had time to delve into the maths of all the apps that are available, rather that taking, at face value, the rationale given for may common applications. At 60+, it must be time to brush of the dust and cobwebs of the last few decades.
  19. I’ve used an 8” Celestron SCT on an AVX mount. I use a Skywatcher StarTravel 80 as the guide scope with ASI ZWO 120 mini as guide camera. 5 minutes guiding is the best I’ve managed, it did need very good polar alignment tho. You should manage that more easily with your 6”
  20. There is also a a calculator for “Seeing”, i.e. optimum camera/telescope combination for your skies https://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability
  21. I used this successfully with my Quattro 10” CF and the 200P-DS
  22. 1. Send the TS tool back for a refund 2. Do a star test to check if you need to collimate 3. Post in one of the equipment forums to get more visibility of your query. I finally received my RC 8” f8 last week, it’s not even been out the box yet
  23. It may take some time before the “goods incoming” team have finished their inspection if the lazy beggar stops sleeping on the job. IMG_0045.MOV so, two noses are better than one? IMG_0051.MOV
  24. I’ve got c£7K in new kit since June 2020. None yet seen first light. so, I am expecting at least another 4 months of bad skies yet.
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