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  1. Does anyone here use the Cannon 700d? Is it any good habing a cmos sensor, or should I go for one with ccd
  2. My problem relates to comfortable viewing position vs scope balancing. I've seen the astroshed guy's video on balancing with regards to the centre of gravity related to eye piece, viewing scope. So I balance the scope perfectly on the horizotal but verticaly its way of until I rotate the scope. Great its perfect. Then I go out to view only to find that the eye piece is 2 feet up and out of range. For viewing I need to undo the rings slightly, rotate the scope, rethiten and view which defeats the object of balancing the scope. Any tips and suggestions please?
  3. Thanks Guys, for your help in this.. Great Forum
  4. Has anyone modified and used a car CCD reversing camera for use in a scope?
  5. Guys Im wondering if I could use a night security camera?
  6. Hi Guys, Desperately need help here. I have recently got a setup Skywatcher 200 with EQ5 so a newbiee me. Anyway I am setting up Polar alignment perfect. Using compas, mount bolts and lat is spot on. GPS and time is also spot on. Using 3 star alignment as well as 2 star alignment. Synscan goes to the first star which is not even in FOV of the finder scope, Then I use hand held to get it in view and alligned. Second star nearly is on target and with handheld I align using the handheld. 3 rd star is also way out. Once aligned I go to an object which does not center at all and is in the top
  7. It is also a useful tool for gaining correct focus. Place dust cover on the tube. Open both holes, aim skope at a star and use the focuser. Two images = out of focus. One sharp image = In focus. Job done
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