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Walking on the Moon

Pacman in narrowband


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Hi all its been a while due to the limited amount of clear skies so far. I captured most of the data for this in January and was hoping to capture more for the O111 and S11. doesn't look like that will happen for a while though so decided to have a go at processing the data I already have. Thanks for looking

Ha 20 x 600secs

O111 10 x 600secs

S11  11 x 600secs



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On 11/03/2017 at 22:32, Barry-Wilson said:

Good job Andy: lovely image.

Thanks Barry

On 12/03/2017 at 08:21, wxsatuser said:

Thats very good for the limited time, well done.

Thanks Mike

9 hours ago, toxic said:

very nice indeed Andyo

Thanks Chris

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4 hours ago, PatrickGilliland said:

Nicely done, ve interesting to see if some selective sharpening would take on that data.  Great work.



4 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

We have to like that one.



1 hour ago, RichLD said:

Really like this, great detail, colour and pop - super! :happy11:

Thanks for the comments guys

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