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Altair triplet or Espirit or .......

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I have a GSO RC8 and 130pds which I use with an ATIK 383l.    I would like to compliment these with a small refractor as I am looking at portability with a star adventurer mount.

The altair star wave triplet range looks quite tempting at around £500.  http://www.altairastro.com/Starwave-70-ED-Triplet-APO-Refractor.html

Then there is the Espirit triplet at around £900 +  http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-esprit-80-ed-pro-triplet-refractor-ota.html

Is there anything else I should consider ? 

I guess Im getting more glass for my money with the Espirit and also at F5 native instead of F6 but seems to be a lot extra at £400

Any advice please ?


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I would think they are both a bit heavy for the SA. I have used my SA once with the SW ED 80 and it was precarious to say the least.  I would imagine with a bit of extra glass it would be quite unstable.  The most weight I have successfully had on it is my Lunt 60.

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59 minutes ago, halli said:

Ah thanks for the info,  and there was me assuming........ I guess the weight is an important issue.

Yes it will strain the motors eventually.... :hello:

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Thanks guys - one down for the Altair !  

I guess the weight is looking to be crucial - probably need to stick in the 60-70mm objective range by the look of things !  Need to do a proper weight analysis  before committing.

 Seems to me that cameras like the ZWO 1600mm - cool also have a role to play here because of their weight (presume less than equivalent CCD) and ability to use shorter subs so less emphasis on guiding.  Looks like I 'm talking myself into buying all different kit for a portable rig now if I'm not careful !  

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I have the TS60ED on my StarAdventurer, from Teleskop Express. Lovely little scope. All those other options are way too heavy for it, as your 383 is no feather either.


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image speaks a thousand words
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Very nice pic Matt !  

It illustrates the point that even with a small 60mm scope when you look at the accessories needed and the size of the mount that there probably is not a lot of extra capacity left.

Food for thought............   It may mean lugging around my NEQ6 after all !

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I do think Skywatcher got it spot on with the Star Adventurer any beefier and people would be using longer focal lengths which may disappoint unguided, its one of the few lightweight camera trackers that can handle a DSLR with premium lenses or small scope as per Matt's example.


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