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  1. Bit of an update Ekos now works with the ZWO driver and connects when local is selected in the profile and when selected to remote it fails to connect. This is as expected as I am only using the Pi which is therefore the local device. Now comes the issue - when I connect the Altair kit I can only see the new Altair driver in the device list on Ekos when I select remote in the profile screen. I cannot see the driver when I select Local !!! And as expected if I try and connect using Ekos to Altair when remote is selected it wont work. This does not make sense ! The Altair driver is also greyed out in the Kstars device manager so I cant try it from there. It appears that the system thinks the Altair driver is on the remote device which it cant be. As stated above I have a windows PC and upgraded the Pi which is the device I am connecting to so it must have the driver. I must be missing something here (probably something simple) oh soothsayers ??? Any views please ??
  2. Thanks for your responses and I agree LightBucket. And of course which I had forgotten my PC is windows and therefore drivers are only available on the Pi ! Silly me ! I decided to just use the Pi with a known good guide camera ie a ZWO. I used the Kstars/Ekos on the Pi to run the driver. I first used the Kstars device manager set to Local and pressed the driver start button and voila the camera connected. Having proven this I then went to Ekos and selected the ZWO driver in local mode in the profile screen and it didn't work. Must be a config issue with Ekos I guess - still fiddling...….
  3. Thanks for the useful information everyone....... I have reviewed and I will try and summarize where I am Think he means the device manager in Indi devices - never really understood why they are there a bit confusing - well for me After I upgraded the Astroberry image I tried to find the Altair driver in Ekos and couldn't find it in the Ekos profile. This is why I went to the Kstars device manager as I felt that this should be a superset. As I mentioned when connected to the Pi I did find it in the Kstars device manager with the funny symbol which LightBucket explained that it meant that it was only available on the remote device, but it also had an associated run and setup button. These buttons were greyed out although I was connected to the Pi . I subsequently found that when starting Ekos on the Pi that if I selected the remote bullet I could then see the new Altair driver in the profile screen - so this made some sense I thought ! I must confess I get confused with the local and remote terminology. When I am using my desktop and have connected to the Pi device then yes I can understand that remote means the Pi. However if I am connected to the Pi directly with out the desktop my logic tells me that the Pi is now the local device ! However it appears as if remote always means the Pi device - as I needed to select remote in Ekos to make it available even though I was connected to the Pi ??! Something tells me the system was designed to be always used from a connected device ! Anyhow at least I am getting closer - it would be simpler if the system was symmetrical in terms of drivers after upgrade - not sure why the new drivers are only available on one device and are at a different status to the original drivers which is confusing. Perhaps there is a sync command somewhere . I need some more tinkering to confirm understanding and a few beers ! I normally think better post midnight.........
  4. Ah so you mean an older version of the Altair lib not Indi lib ! So ill need to somehow introduce a different version of the Altair drivers into the Astroberry version Im using ?
  5. Thanks James . I thought Altair drivers were only introduced in v1.7.5 so when you say older version which do you mean ?
  6. I have also found that if I go into KSTARS devices/device manager I can see Altair listed in there but you cannot run the service as the run button is greyed out. It has a symbol with a rectangle with 3 dots and a semicircle above one end of the rectangle with a dot inside next to it whereas most of the others have a symbol which is just a circle with a diagonal line and the run button can be pressed. There are a few others like this with the same symbol as Altair and cant be run. I have a feeling that these may be new drivers added in v 1.7.5 and perhaps there is an action necessary to enable them to make them available for use - its a bit of a mystery !
  7. Hi James - its a GPCAM MT9M034M Mono.
  8. Thanks very much for the info - I appear to have successfully upgraded my Astroberry image now. I still cannot see a suitable device name for my Altair GPCAM in the EKOS device finder for guiders or cameras nothing with the name Altair or related it seems. I have tried connecting my guide camera to the Pi but nothing happens so I assume you need to populate the correct device in Ekos to proceed ? I have also opened PHD2 with the camera plugged in but the options are fairly limited and using the Indi Camera option doesn't seem to work ! I wonder if the USB ports on the Pi are able to power the camera ? Help ! - May be the end of the road - dont think I'll be buying a new guide camera............
  9. I cannot establish which version of Indi Lib that Astroberry uses and also cant find any info on how to update the image - can anyone help with this please ?
  10. Ah all valuable info thanks guys ! At least one should exist then. Couldn't find it in Ekos but also least there is some optimism. I guess 8 bit mode may be ok for guiding ? Perhaps I need to ensure I'm using the latest Indi lib may need to find out how to update the Ekos in the Astroberry image I'm using I guess. It would be a shame if this stops the development of a full Pi based imaging rig as guiding is an essential component. Thanks again for info.
  11. Thanks for the response James - cant seem to find it in Indi Lib .......
  12. Anyone know of an Indi driver for an Altair GPCAM guide camera please ?
  13. Bit of an update which might be useful to someone attempting to connect eqmod via bluetooth using a Pi 3B+ ............. It works !!!! The answer is to remove the modemmanager from Ubuntu . It clearly states that this is recommended in the EQMOD driver section of the Indi library when using bluetooth as it could interfere with the EQMOD connection https://www.indilib.org/devices/telescopes/eqmod.html I presume you probably need to do this also with the previous versions of the PI and it is not necessarily a 3B+ issue. Onward and upward !!
  14. Thanks for the info Stash. Understand your logic but have had problems with wired EQMOD direct mainly I think due to USB connectors in the cold ! Also I will need to make up another short EQmod direct cable for the PI and thought the bluetooth would just be repeatable. I guess everything revolves around the mount connection as if it misses a beat or two it can screw everything up and becomes very frustrating ! The raspberry Pi solution is all about its simplicity for me plus the more wires I can remove reliably the better and do not want to introduce another Pi just as a Bluetooth gateway as I haven't a spare one (good idea though). I did manage to connect to the bluetooth dongle on my mount solidly using the Pi 3B+ internal bluetooth at the physical level but Astroberry EQMOD wouldn't connect over it probably because of the problem you raised but need to tinker around a bit more. Probably will try a PI bluetooth dongle next as I have a few of these lying around - not sure if they will work with linux though...... Of course our old friend Stellarmate seems to have solved these issues !
  15. Thanks for the info Stash - that is very disappointing. I dont think I really want to return to the days of a USB/serial mount connection - the bluetooth connection I have works really well and is very reliable unlike conversely the wired connection ! This might push me back to using the 3B and not the 3B +. I might try the dongle route I guess (sigh). What a difference a simple + has made eh ? Doesn't give much extra but has screwed several things up !

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