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1. normal stack  
2. 2x drizle in deep sky stacker  
3. 3 times drizle in deep sky stacker. 

removed NB stars from NB image(annies astro actions) then made star layer from rgb image(annies astro actions) then added the rgb stars to the starless image (photoshop) then saved and then used as a colour layer over the NB image (before star removal).(hope this makes sence)
all processed the same way with photoshop cs2 and pi-le-32
HA - 15 hours at 900 sec each
OIII - 8 hours at 900 sec each
S2 - 4 hours at 900 sec each
rgb -3 hours at 300 sec each channel 
total 30 hours over 2 years on and off lol
Skywatcher 200 pds - Atik 383L+ Baader filters (NB & RGB) - skywatcher az eq6 gt - guided with a finder/guider.
i thought this was finished but it wasnt and i dont think any image ever is (well mine aint ha ha).

thanks for looking and all cc welcome.




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12 minutes ago, swag72 said:

That looks superb......... Love the 3x drizzle..... Going to have to look into that :) 

Chris, you have presented a fascinating sequence of images with increasing Drizzle.  Like Sara, I love the 3 x Drizzle and can't recall seeing the core of NGC 281 so closely.  I especially like the texture on the pillars and Bok Globules.  Really excellent.

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