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Camera lens tripod mount

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Sorry, I'm going to be using a c-mount to pentax k adapter with it so I can attach it to my Altair GPCAM. I want to be able to attach the whole assembly to a dovetail bar so I can mount it on my EQ5.

I thought I could use a tripod mount ring to attach it to a dovetail bar, but I'm not sure which one to get.


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44 minutes ago, Mick J said:

Something like these canon mounts,  may or may work with the chinon?  some of the listings have fitting dimensions (more than one size).  Looks a fun lens in your listing.

Yeah, it's my first foray into using this type of equipment, I got it to hopefully get better images of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Pleiades is also back and M42 is on the way.

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Had a quick look on Thingiverse, it's this sort of thing that still allows you to focus near/at infinity with any luck,  you may need something to lock focus (hold the focus ring or allow fine adjustment) or something like this Geoptik camera to lens tripod mount in your fitting,  sorry possibly not very helpful.

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Measure the outside diameter of your lens at the point where you want to attach the ring so that it does not foul any moving part. Then either search for lens mounts in this diameter, or think outside the box and look into stuff such as drain pipe wall fixing clamps etc.

Dovetail bar metal is so soft that a drilled hole can be tapped with a hard steel bolt no problem, screw in, screw out, screw in, screw out, until full threading has been achieved.


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11 minutes ago, michael8554 said:

I've just had the same problem with a Hanimex 300mm lens.

I found a Nikon ring on ebay that fits.

Remove Canon from the search, then Nikon and other brands will be found, then look for the size you need.


Can't seem to find any that fit, there's a clamp for the GPCAM do you think this will do the job:


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