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17th Aug White Light (for a change!)


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Thought I'd have a go at White light for a change!

Altair Astro 66/400, Baader ASSF filter, ASI120MM etc.
2x1 matrix (It doesn't quite fit on the smaller chip!) :p
(Shame about the dust bunnies-- Working on a flat)


Coloured and messed with...


Not much success with the Barlowed close ups... Who knows? lol ;)

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3 hours ago, xtreemchaos said:

...was terrible for them "like watership down some days"...

I shall definitely remember that one, Charl!  lol. :D

And thanks again everyone! Not quite sure what went wrong with the Barlowed closeups - The focus 
seemed very soft. But, as ever, some of that might have been the "seeing" rather than the optics! :o

<begin wibble>

Still caught on the horns of a dilemma re. Barlows. My preferred solution would be a 2.5x Powermate.
But I wonder... would that be too much magnification for even my 66/400mm ED APO in white light?
Can the Powermate be used with my Lunt 50 THa, which has little enough in-focus... Notwithstanding
my complex system of rotators/spacers to minimise non-uniformity of the sweet spot / illumination! :happy2:

If anyone does have a 2.5x Powermate or even the standard Televue 2x and 3x Balows,
I make the following observation(s) - And have the following basic / implied questions:

1. It seems to me that all Teleview "Barlows" are of "longy" (rather than shorty) design? lol
I sense that the Lunt 50THa needs a Barlow with a short nosepiece, rather than a long one!

2. Failing the above, is it possible to unscrew the nosepiece (sacrilege, I know!!!) from the
Teleview Barlows? I can then use the optics in my own system of spacers / rotators above! :p

The above is probably thoroughly incomprehensible, but clearly others are also in a
similar position re. creating a workable Barlowing system for the Lunt 50 Tha here. ;) 

</end wibble>


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