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August 13th - H Alpha


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I woke at 6, and unexpectedly looked out and saw there were bits of blue where the sun would soon rise.  Rushed like mad and was set up outside by 6.20 am. To entice the sun to rise earlier into my viewfinder, I lifted the tripod legs  up higher by pulling up the middle of the tripod brace - ok as long as I'm careful not to knock  the whole thing over!  I then had eleven minutes from 6.39 to 6.50 before heavy cloud rolled across the sun. There were only about seven small prominences visible, nothing particularly noteworthy. I took some frames through various amounts of cloud.  Single frame with Lunt 60 DS, Olympus E-M10, 6.48 am, 1/60 at 500 asa.

Cloud now thick everywhere, but hopefully might have a chance of some white light observations later.



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11 hours ago, Radec said:

Well done on a dedicated capture.

No chance here, it's been like a thick rug all night/morning. It was Perseids night, that's why - just like Thursday.


Many thanks.  I dipped out on the Perseids both nights myself, ah well. 

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9 hours ago, xtreemchaos said:

great shot Paul, your so dedicated mate, its the middle of the night when you start mate ,well done and thanks. charl.

:biggrin: I'm lucky charl, in that I've never minded getting up at any time, however early.  It's a result of having a long-time passion for astronomy and natural history.

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