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Nextorch Trek Star (really !) head torch.

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I have been fighting red head torches, they either die in use or refuse to go on. Terminals are often poor and clicking back the battery cover often upset the darlings. I'm afraid this applied to a £30+ Petzl as well. Taking it apart , I found it exactly the same as a £4 Highlander torch. This was a shame , in the old days I had many night fishing expeditions using this once fine make.

In awe at my local Springfields store, flying suits and super camo, I came across a display of head torches. After trying them for blinding power and red lights , I chose the Trek Star. What a well designed friendly unit. No more clipping the back of the battery box closed . A wedge on the head clip is marked "battery pack key". The white light is fierce, going down three clicks to double red by a nice soft button on the side. Two strips of red electrical tape covering the front gives very useable settings. The faintest being ideal for Galaxy hunting and chart reading. 

The unit is a rounded triangular wedge and clicks up and down firmly. Best feature is the glow at night logo on the strap. Very handy when you can't find it in the tent or beside your bed. For just under £20, I can really recommend this novel head torch, with 3 AAA batteries included,image.jpeg

clear skies ,



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Ta ! I'm not on commission ! It's a most excellent product.

 Shame I didn't know that Jules was visiting to collect a most excellent scope two roads away. You could have left with a ton of black currents and a shot of the head torch !


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