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Animated filament and AR. Just...


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There must  be more frustrating things in life but at the moment I can't think of any. After capturing a record shot of the large filament and surrounding area (first image) I saw the AR burst into life, with long 'strands' of light  moving almost in real time. Switching to the 3X barlow, I was all set for a animation run, when at that exact moment a thin cloud parked itself right over the sun. I'm new at this game but even I know that clouds move, so I waited. But after half an hour the cloud was still there, right over the sun, but not anywhere else in the sky!  It seems to me that's breaking the laws of physics. In the end I had to film  through the cloud, but contrast was shot to pieces, as was the seeing. After 10 sets of data,  the proper cloud moved in and it was all over, and if the forecast is right, it's all over for the day. Ah what could have been.  Here's the result anyway. 1o frames over a 5 minute period from 9.52am 




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Thanks. Yes, one day there will be clear uninterrupted sky. I mean clear BLUE sky, not the thin streaky white sky we seem to get all the time here (when it's not dark grey sky, of course) 

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Still very nice Iain, despite your frustration and disappointment.  If it's any consolation, the same thing has happened to me several times.  There do seem to be places (and occasions) whereby the topography and prevailing conditions can cause cloud to form continuously (at times) in front of the sun, giving the impression it's the same cloud just staying put.  The good news is that your animations are excellent and in the long run I'm sure you'll get your fair share of success and capture many more fabulous action sequences.  :thumbsup:

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Still a great animation Iain. When these things happen I have to remind myself that there will be many more chances!! Amazing how much is happening in this wavelength even without spots!


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