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July 2, 2016: Two quick (and quiet) disks

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Managed to get a full set of data in three wavelengths, although I didn't bother with higher resolution in WL, given the blank disk. Here are the first processed results in WL and Ca-K at 480mm in the APM 80mm F/6, stopped down to 75mm. Note that I find stopping it down to 75mm gives slightly better results in Ca-K in particular, possibly due to reduction of residual spherical aberration. The 393nm wavelength is right at the edge of the spectral range for which optics are corrected, so it is quite possible that there is more SA at Ca-K than in WL or H-alpha.



Ca-K grey scale:


Ca-K, pseudo-colour:



I am getting an ASI178MM on Tuesday (cue clouds) so these native focal length shots should become much sharper.

Higher resolution Ca-K are currently stacking, and H-alpha data will follow later

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7 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

Nicely done Michael, clear but very windy here ATM.


Very windy here too. I had to pt the scope in a very sheltered corner of the garden, and even then there were gusts that shook the scope. Luckily, AS!2 dealt with it very well. The plus side was that clouds didn't take long to pass the sun, but then clear patches also scudded past more quickly than I liked


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