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iOptron ZEQ25GT - Problem not Switching on


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I have a problem with my iOptron ZEQ25GT mount. When switching it on the mount the Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller does not start nor does is there a beeping noise.
However the red light top of the mount does come on and the Polar alignment scope reticle also displays it's red light, so it would seem that mount circuit board has power.
Is there any suggestions as to how to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue?
I have tried re-seating the ribbon cable in the controller connecting the controller circuit board to the LCD display but had no luck. The real issue is that I am not able to determine which component has failed. 

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First try to connect the cable reversed and check if anything changed. If not, try a new or self made cable next. They are easy to make with modular 6-pole connectors, 6-lead flat cable and a cheap plastic tool to mount the connectors to the cable. Be sure to mount them in the same way, you can determine that by looking at the colours of the wires and their position in the plugs: when they are in the same place in the plug they are straight or  in the opposite place then they are crossed. I trhink they will be straight, so exactly in the same position in both plugs. Making it yourself is a lot cheaper and faster then buying one... (and more fun...) All the parts are available at electronic part shops. Now you know if your cable is ok or not...

Next step would be to check the jacks on the boards of the mount and the HC. You will have to open both for that. Sometimes the soldering is not very well done, and the printconnectors get loose. If everything is ok, there must be something wrong with the electronics

B.t.w.  Inside the handcontroller is a little button cell battery probably CR2012. That may cause a problem too, if it is totally empty and maybe leaking...
take all screws out and you will see it in the top left corner. It is cheap, so replace it wether it is leaking or not. That may fix the problem.

If all of the above does not work, you could go back to the company you bought it from, to check your HC on a new mount. That will tell wether it is the HC or the mainboard... (of course you could have done that right away, too... bring your cable as well!)

I hope this helped a bit.

Good luck!


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Thanks  Waldemar. After emails with iOptron support who were very helpful and suggested several investigations we determined it was probably an issue with the Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller.  iOptron confirmed that AltairAstro was there agent in the UK. I contacted AltairAstro and sent them the mount + Hand Controller. They checked and confirmed that it was a defective Hand Controller and have now sent me a new Hand Controller. So all is resolved.

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