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  1. Well if you do pluck up the courage I'd be keen to know the results! PHD2 is moaning big time about the EQ6-R PRO DEC backlash. I might have a go at tightening the centre tensioning grub screen. Here's a link to a YouTube video about this
  2. Has anybody documented EQ6-R Pro teardowns or rebuilds ?
  3. Are there any reviews out covering the new Skywatcher EQ6-R? I saw one displayed at AstroFest 2017 in London but unfortunately there was no one to demonstrate it.
  4. Thanks Waldemar. After emails with iOptron support who were very helpful and suggested several investigations we determined it was probably an issue with the Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller. iOptron confirmed that AltairAstro was there agent in the UK. I contacted AltairAstro and sent them the mount + Hand Controller. They checked and confirmed that it was a defective Hand Controller and have now sent me a new Hand Controller. So all is resolved.
  5. I have a problem with my iOptron ZEQ25GT mount. When switching it on the mount the Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller does not start nor does is there a beeping noise. However the red light top of the mount does come on and the Polar alignment scope reticle also displays it's red light, so it would seem that mount circuit board has power. Is there any suggestions as to how to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue? I have tried re-seating the ribbon cable in the controller connecting the controller circuit board to the LCD display but had no luck. The real issue is that I am not able to determine which component has failed.
  6. Hi Please can I request instructions for Polar Alignment of my "Skywatcher Star Adventurer". Unfortunately the instructions in the Manual are very difficult to understand. I have seen similar instructions for other mounts such as HEQ5 but they do not quite translate for the "Star Adventurer". Pictures would also be nice as would be details of an appropriate Polar Align APP.
  7. Sorry for the Starter question ... But does Polaris appear inverted in the Star Discoverer Polar Scope? So if the PolarAlign APP shows Polaris at the top of the Circle do I actually align it at the bottom of the circle?
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