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  1. When using IPA you should ware gloves. IPA dissolves skin grease and then leaves a haze on the 'cleaned' surfaces...
  2. Hi Mike, As far as I can see, no adapters for that camera are available... Not even a possibility for ep projection, other than holding the camera against the eyepiece. Maybe a better option is to buy a 2nd hand canon body. They are cheap and available on the 2nd hand market Succes! Waldemar
  3. Rob, sorry, but those three things do not combine with cheap... The cheapest way to get some decent results would be an EQ5 mount, though the sailing effect of your Explorer 130 may ask for a HEQ5. I realize this answer is not what you are waiting for, In order to to use the few opportunities to get images a go-to mount is a 'must' I believe. You do not want to waste your precious time with searching for objects you can't see.. That brings you to the realm of HEQ5-Pro synscan. With tripod that will cost you close to a 1000 new (many 2nd hand available, though)... But you will be able to mak
  4. Hi Ed, There are no dumb questions, just stupid answers... If you choose the right camera with the same or smaller diameter as the central obstruction, only two wires are in the field of view. When tied behind each other the effect is not really visible, especially not when they are a little bended, like bended spider vanes. I would not use a DSRL camera, for they are quite an obstruction.
  5. Don't worry, we all do stupid things. The most stupid thing is to say one doesn't do stupid things...
  6. I agree the Baader solution is not cheap , but keep in mind that you will be able to use it on any future telescope with the right adapter.
  7. The Baader clicklock system may work for you: Baader ClickLock 1.25" Adapter with T-2 Thread | First Light Optics Maybe you will need a M43x1 male to T2 male converter to reach focus: Baader M43a x 1 / T-2a Adapter (e.g. for Vixen) (baader-planetarium.com)
  8. I see these kind of remarks frequently on these forums, alas ... whether they are meant as a joke or not, I think they are quite pitiful, deception should always be out of the question. They are condescending... Just be honest, that will bring a lot more joy on all levels.
  9. As many already stated above: do not take any chances with your eyes, stick to the known to be safe brands. Get yourself well educated about the use of any solar filter, being it white light or H-alpha, before using it. But you are already doing that... good for you!
  10. The thing with RO water is that the pH is quite low and thus is acidic. Acidity can damage the metal coatings of your mirror Distilled water is pH neutral so it can not damage the coatings on your mirror. This: What Is The Difference Between Reverse Osmosis Water And Distilled Water? | Drinking Water Base will tell the story.
  11. And please be more than careful with a hammer close to optics...
  12. How filthy is your mirror? the rule of thumb is to not clean it when the dirt is less than 10% of the mirror's surface. Cleaning a mirror is a tricky job and has to be done with great care. Use distilled or even double distilled water, do not use de-ionized water. De-ionized water is water that lacks ions coming from sodium, calcium etc. It still may contain other organic stuff. Distilled water is purer. Double distilled water is super pure and also used for medical purposes. Last flush can be done with Acetone. It dissolves the remaining waterdrops and evaporates very fast and without r
  13. I send you a PM Regards, Waldemar
  14. I am not a very much visual observer, but I like to look at the Sun, moon and planets with my binoviewer. For that I really love to use the Baaders with my Zeiss bv. No hassle with changing ep's or being afraid of dropping them... So... if you ask me: go for it!
  15. Those rj45 connectors are a bit tricky. Try to get the ones which put the leads all the way through the connector, so you can cut the ends off when done. If you hesitate to do it yourself, I don't mind doing it for you for free, you only have to pay the postage to the Netherlands and back to you.
  16. This should be the one you need: Lynx Astro FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter for Sky-Watcher Mounts (see description for models) | First Light Optics
  17. You manual should tell you if you can make a connection to your laptop or pc without the handset.
  18. Depends on your mount. Some have a rj11 connector, some rs232 and some usb...
  19. another option would be to get a threaded nosepiece, so you can screw in any filter, 1.25 or 2" ...
  20. Is this what you are looking for? : STC Astro-Multispectra Clip Filter (Nikon APS-C) + FREE Shipping + FREE LensPen - Cyclops Optics
  21. Since you live in Europe, it seems to me a better choice to buy an European mount than an American or Japanese one, not to mention Chinese... I Have no idea about your financial situation of course, but 10 Micron from Italy makes absolutely top quality 'plug and play' mounts I really believe they come second after direct drive mounts... So if you are lucky and good enough to keep your job, maybe that is a possibility.
  22. That is the best option. Less is more ... (Less connectors is more reliability)
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