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  1. Hey Dan, How are you doing? I see you found your way to more fun! Takahashi... great optics, but what DID you buy? Making me curious... edit: Sorry for hijacking the thread, people
  2. The Baader UFC system is meant for scopes that cannot use a filterwheel, like the RASA or SCT's with a HyperStar system. In other cases a filterwheel is the more logical solution. The wheels can contain more filters (4-9) and they will be protected againts touch and dirt. The Starlight Xpress filters work very well and only need a USB connection for tha power as well as operating the wheel. I use both systems and as is said before the UFC system is very good, but expensive and holds only one filter at the time. Changing them in the dark is not very nice... Quality is superb, though. edit: If you want to buy the UFC system and don't know what to get, tell me more about your set up: camera, flattener, scope size and number of filters and I will make a list for you. B.t.w., more possibillities are available, just google filterdrawersystem and filterwheel.
  3. Well, I think the best ones are the TeleGizmo's 365 series covers. I have a small and a big one, and never condensation under it, unless I close them too tight. The trick is to not close the bottom part of the cover around your pier, but give the air a chance to get in and out, ventilate. Mine is out summer and winter, so yes... 365! edit: In spite of the fact I never had a problem, I still use NanoTech Electric on all electric and electronical parts. Better safe than sorry! A set of skiboot heaters under the cover is an option as well.
  4. Single shot through TMB 92SS with DS Lunt 75mm, BF3400, 2 x PowerMate, ASI 174MM
  5. Hoi Marcel, No problem using a PowerMate with Lunt, I do that all the time. How is kind of depending on the backfilter you use. I got the BF3400, which is a 2" type and I use 2x or 4 x PowerMate (2")with my Lunt set, but as already mentioned by Alan, use them after your blocking filter to prevent excessive heat in the PowerMate.
  6. Dave, I respect and admire your dedication to help this lady out! That is a rare thing nowadays... Chapeau!
  7. Hi Tracy, in spite of all the good advices, I would buy a cheap 10 x 50 binoculars, the book 'turn left at Orion' and a comfortable garden chair. That will totally cost you about 100 bucks and will give you enough possibillties to explore the hobby and see if you want to go for the next step: a real telescope with all ins and outs.
  8. Hi Ssuummoonnaa, For what I understand, you can't loosen the lockingscrew for the lattitude setting, for the lattitude adjustmentscrew is not attached, it's laying in front of the mount. The trick will be to undo the jammed locking screw and maybe you will need a tool to do that, risking to bent the little lever. Sliding a piece of tubing over it and in that way get a bigger lever, may be your best chance to unlock it... Then screw in the adjustment screw, set your lattitude and fasten the locking screw again before attaching cw's or telescope.
  9. Your laptop is the big consumer in this case with 65 W... The battery pack is 82,88 Wh, that means it can run your laptop at full capacity for just over an hour. Other equipment as you state is 2A @ 12V means 24 Wh, so in fact you will be out of power quite fast. No chance for 5 hours use... the mount won't use 2A constantly, only with max slew on both axes, but still 5 hours is impossible. You will get 3-4 hours of use out of it max. Maybe better choose a bigger battery and preferably a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosfate) type. Safer, stronger, just better then Li Ion (Lithium ion) The Tracer batteries are nice, indeed. But if your laptop runs out of power in two hours, you may want to choose a bigger one then the 24 Ah Dave suggests.
  10. Agreed with Gus. It is the secondary mirror. The further you are out of focus the more obvious the 'shadow' will be. Your pictures are out of focus, so maybe if you try focussing through your iphone, meaning first get a live view and then focus the telescope to what you see, you may get better results.
  11. Cotton gloves are available at old fashion foto shops or internet: https://www.walmart.com/browse/health/cotton-gloves/976760_2571007_1424843 The Nitrile gloves are very nice as well, just what you prefer. Like you I don't like smudge on the edges either...
  12. When going into AP, you better get the whole EQ5 to start with, instead of the EQ3 on an EQ5 tripod... That will save you a bit of frustration.
  13. What you need are guide scope rings like these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm-rings-on-v-series-dovetail-adapters.html You need those to be able to change the view of the guide scope slightly if no guide star is available edit: or line the second scope out with the main scope and one of these on the main scope: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm-vixen-style-universal-dovetail-bars.html In this way you can balance the guide scope easily and also easily remove it.
  14. Mmm that is a possibillty... can't you do a recover from before the last update to see if that makes a difference?
  15. Why don't you just use SGP? If only to prevent an attack of some kind
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