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  1. Apparently I misread the OP's question, that is why I suggested a zoom ep. Re-reading his question it seems to me that he could be using a focal reducer.
  2. totally depends on your scope... I would go for a zoom 8-24 ep. The Baaders are great, but expensive. Both compared to others. on the other hand you do need a rather big fov the see the corona albeit very dimm. And please do not forget to use appropriate filters!!!
  3. Canon M 6 camera for imaging?

    Thank you Michael, Like you said... obvious silent answer. I changed ideas to a 750D, cheaper also. I am not a DSRL imager, normally I only use dedicated cameras, but I cannot take all my stuff on an airplane. Thinking to go as light as possible so I can put things into my cabin luggage and nobody but myself can throw with it... But things are clear now. Thank you!
  4. These are very nice as well: https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=249&sprache=english There is a bit larger size available, too. I got that for my Star Adventurer, both for plane travelling with a Takahashi FS-60CB I bought this combination for the incredible low weight and portability. Using a modded Canon 750D with it and a M-gen for guiding, that a friend offered to lent me. No results yet, but I am confident it will work out pretty good.
  5. Did you check out the SX filterwheels? changeable inserts and adapters... may come in very handy, if you ever going to use a different size camera. Different price range though, I realize that, but buy once, suffer once.
  6. Guiding scope

    Another option: use an OAG... no separate scope for guiding, same flexure if there is, cheaper solution, easier on your mount...
  7. If your WO has two rings with mounting holes, you might go for the Baader rider clamps: http://www.astroshop.eu/mounting-plates-and-rails/baader-3-60mm-rider-clamp/p,10157 or mount one of these on top of the dovetail: https://www.astromarket.org/monteringen-en-toebehoren-5/dovetail---clamps-5/clamps-5/vixen-style-clamps-5/dovetail-clamp-gp-eq---150mm727231-5. In this case you have to dril holes and thread them in the orange dovetail on top of the RASA. Or: by a Vixen style as well as a losmandy style dovetail saddle clamp and bolt them together with the bottomsides, which means you can leave the original orange dovetail in peace. And still another option: https://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/geoptik-dovetails/geoptik-losmandy-dovetail-clamp/ screw these to your Vixen dovetail or tube rings. As you can see many ways lead to Rome.
  8. You will have to pay VAT and importduties, which will about 25% of the price so think before you buy abroad, warranty may be an issue as well
  9. It will work out, with a little bit of smart use
  10. I would like to know if anybody uses a Canon EOS M3 or M6 camera for astro photography. What are the results and can they be modified? I wonder about this because it seems an ideal camera in combination with a SW Star Adventurer and a TAK 60 telescope. Would be a very lightweight setup and easy to take on a plane. I realise the pixels are quite small for a little telescope like that, but otherwise it might be interesting. Appreciating any answer! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi AKB, just want to let you know, I just got the BAADER UFC system. The quality is just incredible and it looks beautiful! It is far better then the filterdrawer system I bought from Teleskop Expres. I really want to thank you for the link to this system, I was not aware of it. Being the perfectionistic nerd that I am, this quality system is right up my alley. Thanks again ! Have a nice glass of wine on me!
  12. Have some nice red wine ready for them, that will bring them in the right mood
  13. very often, the T-adapter and camera bajonet adapter are two pieces screwed together. The same for the eyepiece holder. The 2" holder can be screwed out and then the camera bajonet adapter can go in it's place. That will give you a very solid connection
  14. In the weekends too? 2 out of 7 is not so bad... better than nothing at all!