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  1. Solar photography

    According to Baader, the filter material HAS to be mounted in a wrinckly way, so don't even try to get it mounted nice and smoothly...
  2. Dead DDM60

    The connectors to the mount itself are superb: Screw on Lumberg SS connectors... Basically the banana connectors are not meant for a mobile set-up. The chance of accidents like this is too big. In a dome it would be no problem, because that normally is a one time set-up. I changed the banana connectors on mine immediately after arrival of the mount, so no mistakes are possible.
  3. There is an option besides cables (which are very limited): Silex DS-600 has a real USB3 port as well as USB2: http://www.silexeurope.com/en/home/products/usb-device-servers/ds-600.html
  4. Dead DDM60

    I am glad everything worked out for you, Dave!! Your DDM should be a joy!
  5. Dead DDM60

    I am really glad for you that you found and solved the problem!
  6. I agree, that is the only way to be true to your Self.
  7. You must be a very nice guy, having friends like that ... birds of a feather...
  8. Dead DDM60

    That is NOT okay, Dave... Did you notify ASA about this? They should have a fix for that. Maybe a setting in your PC is corrupted? I agree that a mix-up like this should not be possible, but with the banana connectors a mishappening like that is almost inavoidable. Bad idea from ASA to use those... you're right... Personally I changed the connectors right away, so things like this can't happen. The bottomplate of the RA motor can be taken off quite easily and you might find a fuse or a voltage regulator there, which could have been blown. The same goes for the topplate of the DEC motor, in which case you can acces the hub and some more electronics to check if anything went wrong there. There will be a 5 V voltage regulator there for the hub as well I think it is worth the effort to check that if you are a little educated about electronics. Nothing bad could have happenend to the motors a.f.a.i.k. I don't have my 60Pro anymore, otherwise I would have openend mine to check what could have gone wrong, but alas. The 85 is a different beast, so I don't think that will give any inside. I found Dietmar Weinzinger from ASA very co-operative through the years and a fast responder. Maybe he can shed some light on your problem.
  9. Dead DDM60

    You cross connected the PSU? Meaning you interchanged plus and minus? Or short circuited the PSU it self? Do you have the 60 or the 60Pro? b.t.w. most dew controllers don't care a lot about plus or minus... all mounts do
  10. Using a side by side bar means you will have to take care of radial balance as well. Quite tricky... Just piggyback the 50 or 60mm guidescope on your Esprit is the most common way, but OAG is very nice as well and no problems with flexure. If you are using a corrector/flattener, be sure to buy a very short OAG like the Orion TOAG: https://www.telescopehouse.com/orion-thin-off-axis-guider-for-astrophotography.html The guidescope attachment in the link you provided is not very sturdy: a recipe for problems. Better use a good dovetail if you want to piggyback.
  11. +10 for the carp chair even without rods! Though night fishing and astronomy is the perfect couple...
  12. Isn't that reason enough to go for it? Familiar, loved, good for planetary imaging...what more do you want?
  13. If you are serious about getting into ap over time, the best would be to invest in a good EQ mount like the HEQ6 or iOptron iEQ30 or 45. Those will serve you well for many years to come in all ways you may think of. As for a telescope, since I personally am a refractor fan, I would think of a f7-ish 80-120 mm apo refractor. These are quite versatile, for you can use a reducer/flattener for DSO AP or a PowerMate or Barlow for planetary. For visual this will be very sattisfying as well. In that way you would have quite a flexible combination. Downside: a challenge to your budget...
  14. True, you do not need to break the bank for a cover, but a good cover does cost. A little warning is in place here, though: The thin covers you are talking about do not prevent rapid temperature changes under the cover. Those rapid changes promote dew forming under the cover very easily and damage the mount and it's electronics in a sneaky way. The best covers that can withstand all conditions are not really cheap and even they need a little inside heating to prevent damage in the long run. http://www.astrogizmos.com/Cover.htm and http://www.scopestuff.com/ss_t365.htm A pair of skibootheaters under the cover keeps the inside temperature above dewpoint for protection against getting wet. re-usable desiccant packs work too.
  15. You are one lucky man, Troady... Being on the road with your wife, dog and telescope... to boldly go where no man has gone before... a real Star Trucker if you ask me! There will be a learning curve of course, that is part of the fun, but you made a well thought over guess it seems. As mentioned before: the ES eyepieces will give you great value for the money. If choosing a barlow, choose it wisely also in combination with your eyepieces. In my experience the TeleVue's PowerMates are the best, they just disappear in your viewing train, but they are expensive, The 2hand market may be an option. Skyview is a nice app for learning the skies, but more are available. You can even use it to point your telescope, when using the camera option, so you can see realtime combined with the starmap. Most important of all...: have fun together! Shared fun is double fun! Wishing you safe travels and clear skies.