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  1. Keep in mind that the Canon 40D is a big, heavy camera... Beter choice would be the 750D for example.
  2. I am so sorry, but I got it wrong... The thread is a specific size ( M51?) to connect a T2 adapter, which is M42 male. A special adapter is available for the 2x as well as for the 4X PM Again sorry for the confusion...
  3. The thread on the PM, when taking off the ep connector is definitely M48 male
  4. And you will need adjustable rings and a clamp(s) of course. Plenty pictures available on the web of such a setup.
  5. The 2x 2"PowerMate is not critical concerning back focus distance. In this file you will find a lot of info about them all Powermates.docx
  6. Probably you found that too somewhere, so you must be a happy camper now
  7. I bought my aluminum dew shield at Teleskop Expres in Germany. The fitting cap as well.
  8. Applications are available to prevent malfunction by high humidity. One solution I use my self for years already with succes is NanoTech Electric spray Besides that dehumidification, ventilation and temperature control are all means to prevent problems. The point is, to stay above the dew point temperature, even with a few degrees will prevent condensation.
  9. ...Just a warning: cheap and imaging are 'contradictio in terminis' Maybe the best thing for you to do, is to buy this book: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html It will tell you why some things work and other things do not
  10. Yes that will work, first focus your Canon and then without touching the telescope's focus, focus the guide camera by moving it out until you reach focus. Maybe you will need an extension, depends on the OAG.
  11. No, ASA makes direct drive mounts (and optical systems as well)
  12. For astrophotography the difference in f ratio is very important, especially for the exposure times. For example a Celestron C11 at f/10 needs 10 minutes (600 seconds) for a certain DSO image. The same C-11 with a HyperStar at f/2 will only need 600 : (10:2)² = 600:25 = 24 seconds for the same image, but in this case the image size will be different as well. Note the square in the calculation, which is caused by the fact that the f-ratio is the quotient of focal length and aperture. So the difference is huge and the possibilities of fast scopes are great.
  13. Absolutely true, it makes no sound at all even not when slewing @ 13°/sec. but the high price is not just for being silent...
  14. My iEQ45Pro is very silent as well... maybe because I used PTFE grease on all contact surfaces.
  15. That's how we all feel about this precious part of the internet, Karen!
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