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  1. Of course I realize that, but you must have more on it then just the 300PDS, needing 35 kgs of cws... or did you mean lbs? And wind is always a gamespoiler, no matter how big the mount, especially without a dome.
  2. ... you do realise that you're overloading it, I guess? It's livespan will be shortened a lot...
  3. Your 300 gathers 44% more light than your 250, though... Kind of depends on your mount as well how easy it is to use that big one Probably quite heavy to get it mounted...
  4. Best advice is to find a local astronomy club and pay them a visit. They will be more than willing to answer all your questions and have a look through their telescopes. In that way you will learn a lot and know where to go for information.
  5. makes quite a difference, I would say ...
  6. Waldemar

    Focuser alignment

    you will have to collimate your laser before using it. That is done by laying the laser in a V-shaped wedge and point it to a piece of paper on a wall Mark the spot where the laser beam hits the paper. Now rotate the laser in the V-shaped wedge. If well collimated it shoud stay in the same spot and is ready to use. If not adjust the three centering screws on the fore end of the laser until it is.
  7. The problem may be that the liquid will get between the glas and the mounting. I don't know if there are any sealings between the glass and the metal rings that may get resolved by the alcohol... I know the Baader filters do not have any sealings, they are a bit 'loose' in their mounting to allow expension. That may also mean they can dry quite easily. Astronomiks can be cleaned with anything but sanding paper
  8. I think you are exactly on the right track, PaulUns Very important to show gratitude and respect!
  9. Waldemar

    Dovetail Madness

    Would sawing them (the bolts you have) to the right length be a solution ...?
  10. Waldemar


    Denis Levatić [denis0007dl@gmail.com] is the binoviewer expert on the Cloudy Nights forum, and very thrustworthy. I have done bussiness with him and got great deals. He can tell you all you need to know about bino's, but maybe it would be smart to check the bino forum @ Cloudy Nights first. Denis is very active there.
  11. If you are handy with tools, you can mark what needs to get out of the way and file it away or use a Dremel tool. not so much work... Better than Delrin, for you need the right distance.

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