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Here is my first attempt of this target.

Seeing was very good, but at this resolution and with good seeing as that, all the little quirks start showing. Mount is still not really up to it so there is some elongation in RA (Guide RMS - 0.4" DEC, 0.7" RA), and it seems that coma is starting to show, and also I might have tilted focuser or something (there is difference in star shape all over the image?).


Equipment: ASI185 for imaging, 8" F/6 imaging scope, QHY5LIIc guiding, TS 60mm F/4 guidescope, HEQ5 (belt mod + tweaking and bearing replaced)

Data: 165x30s light, 25x dark - resolution 0.64"/pixel, no filters used so full spectrum (IR also).

Software: SIPS for acquisition, DSS stacking, StarTools for processing

Location and conditions: red zone but surprisingly good night (at 2:30 I was able to see hints of milky way in zenith), seeing really good, no Moon, no wind.

Thanks for looking.




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