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  1. Hi Simon, I recently managed to have my own sustainable power supply cause I had the same problem with the 7Ah power tanks. They were a bit expensive and didn't provide sufficient power for the whole night. I'll tell you what I have bought. The setup is not so handsom "yet" but I tried it and it works perfectly. 1. 60 Ah semi-traction 12V battery. Can be in a range of €80. Your can set your own preference. (Varta 60Ah accu Professional MF LFD60, 930060056, 12V) 2. Battery charger, cheap DUNLOP, slow charging but does a great job so far. between €15 and €20. https://www.grou
  2. Hi Peter, tried to blow it up a little by giving it a bit of magnification. What do you think about this method anyway?. Thanks, Bamo
  3. Folks, was aiming last night at M57 and took about 20 shots examining my camera settings and setup. My setup was set as an eyepiece projection method: SW Evostar APO 80 mounted on EQ-5 Pro Synscan, EP Baader Hyperion 8mm, UHC ES filter Nikon D5300 body. Any thoughts/criticism about the photos quality are really appreciated so I can make it better next time. I've uploaded the files on flickr. https://www.flickr.com/gp/139477087@N05/bzUR93 Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Rob, welcome here. I live in NL as well. a very useful forum here. Enjoy your stay MvG Bassem
  5. this is looking so cool Stephen. Trying to build the same setup. got a battery of 60 Ah. Possible to share the wiring diagram with us?
  6. Folks, I started building my own field power supply as the commercial one I have from SW is not satisfying. I'm in a process of getting the material. What I have bought/ordered so far: 1. 60 Ah semi-traction 12V battery. 2. Car Boat Switch Panel with Voltmeter 12-24V with USB's and Cigarette Socket Charger. 3. Fuses different ratings. 4. Inverter DC/AC 500W. The powered setup is just the goto mount + dew heaters. is there anything else I should be looking at?. also can you guys help me with a sort of a wiring diagram if possible?. Appreciate it, Ba
  7. Folks, I'm offering my ZWO ASI120MC camera for sale. The camera uses USB 2.0 which is not compatible with MacOS. It was recommended to get the USB 3.0. I bought this camera from Aliexpress more than a year ago. I don't think it has any warranty, therefore, I'm offering it for 120 Euros (excluding shipping). The camera is brand new and was used only a few times (for trials).
  8. Hello, may I know the dew heater size?. For which telescope it may fit onto?. Thanks,
  9. Folks, not sure if this has been shared before. But, I was looking for a night vision software for Mac and I came across that one. https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/night-vision/id1490614559?l=en&mt=12 For those who might be interested.
  10. Is there a separate challenge foor beginners who don't excel image processing yet? (single exposures)?
  11. All photos were captured as single shots Setup as shown in the last picture. Feel free to suggest/criticise Cheers, Bamo DSC_0045.NEF DSC_0063.NEF DSC_0077.NEF
  12. I agree, the wheels are not as big as they should be. Also, the handle is too low for me or maybe I'm too tall for it :D...but anyway it does the job so far
  13. Hi, I got that handyman carry case with wheels (30 euros). Everything fits inside including the power tank and the mount. The only thing I need to carry separately is the tripod.
  14. Yes, the hair dryer will work fine. And as long as your powering from the car you shouldn't have much of a problem. Good luck Bamo
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