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Heq5 or eq6?

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I'm looking at buying a new mount but cannot decide between the two! I want to do long exposure astrophotography with a auto-guided setup! Is there any need for the eq6? 

Thanks for any help ?

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As Peter says, it probably depends what you are going to put on it - I have an NEQ6 and it is a great mount, very solid BUT also very heavy... and that can be off-putting for quick set-up. If you have a fairly light scope/rig that will be well supported by the HEQ5, then you can save yourself a bit of money. Having said that, I got my NEQ6 as ex-display for just a little more than a new HEQ5, so if you can wait and save, you never know what might appear here or in places like Astro Boot and Astro Buy&Sell.

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Yes go for the eq6. 200p along with  an Era and other stuff will be heavy for the heq5. And in the future if you want to buy a bigger scope u won't need to but a new mount along with it to support the weight. 


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I am picking up a 2nd hand EQ6 Pro this weekend. I will be selling on my AVX.

I am starting to do more astrophotography and though the AVX is a good mount for the 9.25 SCT and camera it is tight on the edge when I put my AA 152mm frac on it, that weighs in a 11Kg. I looked around and decided on the EQ6 due to it good loading capacity.

The EQ6 will be permanently mounted on a pier.

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Feeling quite smug as I've just picked up an NEQ6 pro from ebay @£500 inc power supply,handset and tripod.

Its now sitting on my pier in the obsy and works so much better with the 200p on board. love it.

solid mount and very quiet.


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