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  1. Hey, no I have an explorer 200p now but I don't know how to change my username lol
  2. Sorry everyone, for some reason it won't upload properly! I'll get on the laptop later and try and sort it out?
  3. An animation of Europa transiting Jupiter casting a shadow onto the planet. my first attempt at an animation which I have always wanted to do. IMG_5349.3gp
  4. All images are 3000 frames captured in sharpcap with an asi120mm in a 3x Barlow, except the Jupiter and 4 moons image. All images in mono while I save up for filters and a wheel. Stacked in autostakkert2 and wavelets in registax with a final tweak in Photoshop Cs2.
  5. IMG_5258.mp4My first go at a Jupiter animation! The animation shows Europa transiting Jupiter and casting a shadow on the planet. I had a lot of fun doing this and learned a thing or two also! 35 images stacked in autostakkert2 and wavelets in registax. Images out together in pipp for animation. 200p on eq5 mount RA motor driven and an asi120mm in a 3x Barlow!
  6. My results from my 3rd time out with my new camera! It's such a great camera and has certainly helped me get better images than I was getting before! Mall images are 3000 frames stacked in autostakkert2 and wavelets in registax! 200p on an eq5 mount RA driven and an asi120mm in a 3x Barlow. Thanks for looking.
  7. My favorite image of Jupiter so far with my asi120mm mono camera. 3000 frames stacked in autostakkert2 and wavelets done in registax. Set up was: 200p on an eq5 mount RA motor driven, and an asi120mm in a 3x Barlow.
  8. Thanks for the info guys! I'm going to go for an asi120mc ?
  9. Hey guys, I'm after some advice about the neximage 5! Is it any good as a dual purpose camera? I will be using it for autoguiding with phd2 and for imaging planets! Thanks for any help?
  10. My first time with the flame nebula in Orion! 15x 2 minute exposures at iso1600. I was keen to get this one to compare with my old image made up of 25 second exposures! A work in progress I guess until Orion gets away! Stacked in deepskystacker and tweaked in Photoshop Cs2 scope: Skywatcher explorer 200p camera: Nikon D50 Motor drive: Enhanced dual axis drive with st4 handset. Autoguiding: Hitec Astro usb guider Guidescope: 9x50 finderscope. Guide camera: Logitech quickcam Fusion. Phd2 used for autoguiding.
  11. Thanks Adam J I kept every frame on this run as they were all good, but I have binned some frames from other sessions but not that many to be honest! I have been having a great time with the setup and am impressed with how well it is working! I was a bit worried about how it was going to work! Minimal effort and it worked straight away! I can do 8 minute exposures without any issue also! The only issue I have had was finding guide stars for certain objects as I'm using a standard webcam. Below is my last sessions guide graph which is the worst I have had so far!
  12. My first attempt at autoguiding with the 200p on an Eq5 mount! i was really keen to get out and try it so went for a bright target to test the webcam for sensitivity! The webcam is quite sensitive it turns out and was showing the Pleiades as a Big Dipper lol. After a few tweaks on the settings in phd2 we were away imaging at 2 and 3 minute exposures! I have tested longer exposures now but no when doing this target! I have had 10 minute exposures with my setup which I'm really chuffed about! This is a stack of 6x 2 minute exposures and 2x 3 minute exposures all at iso1600. I ha
  13. My first proper go at m42 the Orion Nebula this year! Lovely clear night with Orion looking great hanging in the sky to the south! This was on my list as well as a few clusters! This is a stack of 12x 20 second exposures at iso1600 taken with my 200p with a Nikon D50 at prime focus!
  14. I have the option to buy an atik 2hs mono guide cam with a 200mm telephoto lens to use as a guide scope! Is this a good deal? I have read that the atik is quite a sensitive camera!
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