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68 frame animation!


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Ha, getting faster at this animation lark! I forgot to use a flat for the first one, so reprocessed everything again. But.... dust bunnies remain on both. Second one is processed using only 10% of each set and the first with 20%. Same processing settings apart from brightening the second one a little 


6th gif new.gif

6th gif final 10.gif

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13 hours ago, David Smith said:

I have just one criticism, can you get your animations to cycle in sequence please :p

Thanks guys. Ha David, you don't want much do you?? :icon_biggrin: I've got enough trouble with my dust bunnies :bunny::bunny:

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6 hours ago, paulastro said:

any chance of the earth superimposed on it for scale?

Here's my best (but still very rough) guess. Blue dot is us! Actually, I'll try to note the size of the area in future, thanks for the suggestion. 





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