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Big Spot White Light 24.5.16


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A good day, whatever. Many different scope settings tried... among these
a Mak150 White Light. Quickly pushing the processing (too?) hard gave:
(I see it needs a slight cropping to tidy the edges at very least!) :p


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Thanks Charl... I sense there is MORE to be seen. But my poor old (Mk I Gold) MAK150
has suffered a lot of "kicking around" over the years and may not be well collimated! :p

Just for fun am trying an O(III) "green" filter. Sold my Baader white light solar Filter. :o 

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Used to have a #58 too at one time. lol. Bit inconclusive with the O(III). :p
Managed to tease a more background out by using contrast masking...
Of course the image tends to look a bit less "dynamic" as a result.
So many processing possibilities, so little time... :D

For more surface detail, I had planned to get a double stacked CaK filter.
But these seem to have become a rare(r) item, these days...
White light is certainly a challenge in subtleties? ;)


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Nice shot Chris. Looks a little bright, possibly a little over exposed (far be it from me to tell an experienced member of the forum that their image is over exposed :p)? The OIII filter should help keep the brightness down and keep the exposures sensible. I played around with using an OIII for a while but found it too dark with the ND5 film. When I get around to making a filter from the ND3.8 I recently acquired, I will try it again before spending on a solar continuum filter. I know of at least one member of SGL who uses the OIII (or at least did) on all white light solar images and gets superb results.

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Yes, I think I am consistently over exposing things! :p Using FireCapture, I tend to set the
upper edge of the real time histogram at ~90%... But I'm winding things back a bit now! ;)

Yes, I didn't come to any conclusions re. the O(III). Somewhere among my manipulations
I may just have accidentally introduced a ND2.0 (1%) filter! But not in the  images here... :D
(Actually the ND2.0 was being used with my Watec Video Cam, to tame (even) ND5 Film!)

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