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  1. Working now. Only thing i changed ( i think)was administrator rights on artemis capture. Please dont tell me that was my problem
  2. now I have myself a permanent setup I have decided to lose the hand controller and start controlling the scope from the pc, my problem is I cannot for the life of me get all the programs to work together, I can control and align in cdc but then I cant get phd2 to load, I get a second eqmod window appear saying connection error, I then have to switch off cdc to open phd2 to get it to work, I have read about turning permissions for all software to administrator, but that has not worked, am I missing a simple obvious tickable option in these programs? or am I supposed to be using the st4 ca
  3. My entry next year is going to be a mars bar and the sun news paper
  4. the weather man said it was blanket cloud all night and I couldn't go outside and needed to go bed......nah think ill wait, at about 12 the clouds parted leaving some pretty good gaps right above, woke the kids up as I promised them a firework display if it wasn't cloudy, I wasn't let down, this is the first time my two have seen meteors and I knew exactly when they saw their first one. for a few mins I got "think I saw one daddy" errr no that's a satellite....then.. WOOOOW DID YOU SEE THAT DADDY. now I have no hearing as two children scream in my ears. was a good hour before I even decided t
  5. That's a great prom shot dave. Nice one
  6. Nice one charl. Surely we are due a big spot
  7. Been desperate here dave. When sun has been out I've been at work and then greeted to downpours when I've got home
  8. Sun's gone to sleep. Someone needs to wake him up
  9. Nicely done despite the problems. Here's my tilt adapter it's called putting camera nose in at an angle lol. It works so I'm not complaining
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