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Mars 15th+16th May good seeing


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SPX350 F41.3, PGRFlea3, Baader RGB filters.

My imaging on 11th and 12th was avg and below avg and the bad seeing hung around for a few days with bright stars winking on and off.

On the 15th the seeing was now much better significantly above average but a bit wobbly and would not settle but on 16th seeing was good and fine detail could be seen in the preview with occasional soft moments but this is the best seeing I have had so far. 

Unfortunately a cloud band appeared from nowhere only giving me an hour to get 6 sets which I put together in a GIF - no time for Saturn unfortunately.

The RGB on 16th is a collection of all 6 with WinJupos.

Thanks for looking, John.

mars-2016-05-15-1324_5-super rgb3+4+5-cs3xx.jpg

mars-2016-05-16-1245_3-super rgb x6-cs3x.jpg

mars gif x6.gif

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