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Walking on the Moon

First Attempt at Astro-photography

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Just got Skywatcher Skymax 127 Mat-Cass and had about 5 nights observing.

Generally getting to know scope and controls etc.

Tonight decided to have a go with camera.

Set-up Sony Alpha 57 mounted on Barlow 2x supplied with Scope.

Recorded and transcoded into AVI with Premier Elements

Never used Registat before but had a quick go loaded up and stacked and then processed with Photoshop Elements 13.

Here it is - please don't laugh - it really is my first go.




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Great start and definitely not going to laugh. That's a lovely first image. As you get better and start stacking and sharpening your images I'm sure you'll look back at your early attempts fondly. I've not tried images of planets yet (DSO and Moon are keeping me happy) but took the opportunity to observe Jupiter for the first time (I'm a relative newbie having got my scope less than six months ago) a couple of weeks ago and just to see it, let alone image it is fantastic.

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Great first shot! I would stack in Autostakkert!2 first, as it does a better job: http://www.autostakkert.com/  Then bring the resultant TIFF into Registax and use its marvellous Wavelets function to sharpen and bring out detail that you'll be amazed at! Don't overdo it though. Have a play around.

Focus your image on a bright star first, with a Bahtinov Mask, then slew to Jupiter. Or you can focus on one of the moons, but that's hard. You can make a B Mask yourself or get one ready made. Do a Google on Bahtinov Mask Generator.

FLO do excellent ones: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/bahtinov-focus-masks/starsharp-bahtinov-focus-masks.html



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Thanks for all the positive comments. When I look at the video I used from my camera it isn't anywhere near as good as I was in the eyepiece. Also (dooh) I left steady shot on when I think it should be off - can get upset if its on a tripod as its tuned for handheld.

The moons in shot were also very blurred so will be looking at focus too....

But, it gives me something to improve on. Will be trying again. Watch this space.

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