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my first attemps at dslr astro photography

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are are my first attempts at astrophotography using my sky watcher 200mm and canon d300.

The subjects where

1. m42 which is 6 x 30 second exposures at ISO 800 stacked in deepsky stacker (which i don't have a clue how to use properly) and no further processing.

2. m31 x1 30 second exposure at ISO 800 no further processing.

3. NGC869 AND NGC884 x1 30 second exposure at ISO 800 no further processing.

the hardest thing i find is the focusing having not yet sussed how to live feed camera through my lap top so squinting through the view finder.

regards Chris.




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Chris for a first attempt that is pretty darn good may I say

Well done mate you must be pleased with that I am certain that some of the more wise old hands will tell you how to extract more info from it

But suffice to say its a great start :D

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A very good start Chris!!

Did you use JPG or RAW for the images?

If JPG, switch to RAW - there is no 'fiddling' done by the camera then!

If RAW, do you still have the RAW images that could be uploaded to UKAstronomers?

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Well done indeed....

As Daz has said flick the camera to RAW setting ...When I'm back home i'll post the camera settings I had the best results with, it took a lot of experimenting and combining ISO settings to get the best results with M42 as you need the exposure to get the outer areas but being careful not to burn out the core...

Anyway..Well done. :D


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You have made a very admirable start Chris. You will improve in leaps and bounds, for your first attempt

You did good. Processing the data you get plays a very big part in digital imaging, and you will get loads of help with that bit.


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Thanks for the inspiring commets i feel really chuffed now :D

the camera was set in jpeg mode but will try the raw mode.

also i didnt use any filters just tring screw on to focuser.

regards chris

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Well done for your first DSLR pics. BTW with the Canon 300/350/400D there is no way of liveviewing what you can see through the viewfinder, either on its TFT screen or with the video out connection or by USB link to a laptop. Live view is only possible on the 20Da or the 40D models or other higher end models.



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