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  1. Thanks Lee... Yep I'm sure there's lots more detail lurking in there somewhere .. Yes I like the sxvr-h694 gives me two different fields of view with the 1600mm pro aswell ...all with the same scope too ! .
  2. Thanks Peter... Yes it is ....just got the 45day trial at the moment ...but I can see the capability of the software is immense. Just trying to develop a work flow at the moment....some great tutorials on YouTube and I suppose its like anything the more you use it the more familiar it all becomes and the more sense it all makes . I went for the 1600mm pro in the end .. so getting to grips with that as well .... Still going to keep the sx 694 though as you say they have a superb sensor.
  3. Just started getting my head around pixinsight and not the best of data to start with if I'm honest and not alot of it either ... But thought I'd have go. 60 x 60s L 60 x 30s rgb 8 x 300s ha Asi 1600mm pro 102mm starwave triplet with .8 reducer.
  4. Hi here is my latest image of NGC7000. Still learning the ropes of narrow band imaging and getting to grips with new equipment and processing skills . image details are : Altair 102mm Triplet at f7 and asi 1600mm pro , Heq5 pro baader ha , oiii , sii filters x 12 300s of each filter processed in pixinsight , photoshop and starnet++ for my first starless image . a couple of halos left behind by two large stars but not sure how to remove them but all in all I'm pretty pleased with it.
  5. Good idea Lee.... This time next year Rodney....we will be millionaires !
  6. I do it about once a year to to make sure but always seems about the same.
  7. Yes must have a go next year ....I'll put it on my to do list ... And as you say so many different ways of shooting it .
  8. Yep you sure can get something to calibrate your monitor .. You hang it on the screen and run the software it has a sensor that reads the values been shown on the monitor and corrects them . The one have is a older one now days but it's called a spider 3 pro. As for the hubble pallet Peter jenkins has a YouTube video on how to make a action for photoshop for that ...produces really nice results too. Chris.
  9. Great image ...love the detail you've captured.
  10. Lovely image Lee... Always meant to have a crack at this one but have never got around to it . So much going on in this part of the sky . Great job !.
  11. well i think i might have found my problem ....i looked at the master flat file but couldn't see the patterns but it did seem too bright in the centre ... so i restacked the luminance channel 1 with the flats id taken and one with out and opened the both in pixinsight and performed the screen transfer function on each file ....ill let you be the judge ! ... ps... david-taurus83 what you suggested above worked a treat ... just got to nail these flat files now me thinks !. I've included the master flat stretched and unstretched. many thanks for the help and advise everyone ...much appreciated .. Chris.
  12. Hi David... That is so helpful ...and much appreciated!. Thank you for taking the time to explain and including the screen shots. Just got to sort out what's causing the weird reflections / artifacts in my images ...looks even worse than the image I posted above when you apply the screen transfer function in pixinsight . Many thanks again Chris.
  13. Yeah not sure what it is ...I have the correct spacing of 57mm as per the altair data from sensor to the back of the reducer flange ... So like you have advised I'll try a few shots without it .. Just a process of elimination I guess. Many thanks Chris.
  14. Sure .. Altair Wave 102mm triplet Planostar 3" .79 reducer Zwo oag Asi1600mm pro Zwo efw Badder 1.25" filters All shot using asi air pro. Gain setting 139 unity gain 60s subs . I had more or less the same artifacts using my starlight xpress h694 and sx filter wheel ...could it be collimation of the scope or reducer ?. Many thanks Chris.
  15. hi David.. yes I have pixinsight but not too savvy with it which process would i use ? ... I've just sorted my luminance data from last night and with a quick levels and curves in photoshop it looks all weird ...are these reflections from something ?
  16. Hi ... I guess this may be a silly question but is it possible to convert images taken at 1x1 bin to 2x2 bin before stacking ? .. I've made a rookie mistake where I have shot my luminance data at 2x2 and all my flats and darks for all filters as well ...only problem is all the rgb data I forgot to change the binning to 2x2 so all my calibration frames don't match in dss ... So is there a way I can batch process all the rgb data from 1x1 to 2x2 to match the rest of the data ?. Many thanks Chris.
  17. No problem .... Any help is always appreciated !. Chris.
  18. Hi callisto... That's the adaptor I have ..and was just wondering if mounting it in that before the filterwheel was ok ?... Many thanks Chris.
  19. Hi... I'm looking for some guidance on how to put a light pollution in to my imaging train for when I'm shooting lrgb images ... I have just got a zwo 1600mm Pro and I was wondering if I could use the ccd window adaptor to mount a astronomik cls filter in before my filter wheel ?... if there's clearance that is ?. The cls filter isn't the ccd version but from what I've read the only difference is the ir cut properties...but my baader filters in my wheel do have the ir coatings ...so in my reckoning this should be fine. Was just wondering if anyone had done the same ?. Many thanks Chris.
  20. Hi Anne... Thanks for the reply... I have the ccd camera screwed directly to the filterwheel using the sx adaptors so not really possible to get it any closer... I don't think the spacing is 100% correct from sensor to flange of the reducer think I might be out by 7 or 8mm so maybe that's the issue ?. Yes the larger sensor is appealing and I'm the same as you in the fact I've only ever had ccd ...I know it's a hotly contested argument the whole ccd v cmos theme ...but at ££££ second hand with filterwheel and lrgbsho filters ...although it being as new would I honestly gain anything for the money ??. Like you've already said cheaper to get a smaller telescope. Many thanks again for your advice Chris.
  21. Hi Anne... My mistake it is the .79 planostar 3" that I have .. The image I posted was last night so shot in the dark ...and those are the clouds you can see ...( I was dumb enough to belive alexa saying I could expect mostly clear skies and so set up the rig ) I only managed 15 mins of lumance all night and most of those had light cloud in the ... I stacked what I'd got and did a quick levels and curves in photoshop. I'm even contemplating getting another camera the zwo asi1600 Pro but not sure if I'd see much difference from the h694 to warrant spending the money. Chris.
  22. Hi ... I've recently chopped and changed my imaging setup over the last month or so and I'm having quite bad vignetting issues ..here's a run down on the rig... Altair 102mm triplet Planostar 3 0.8 reducer Starlight xpress h694 mono Starlight xpress filter wheel Baader 36mm unmounted filters. I would have thought with the size of the reducer and filters and taking the size of the ccd chip into account ..surely it shouldn't be as bad as this ? Any ideas ? ... is it a spacing issue ? Here's some nice pictures of clouds from last night that highlights the vignetting quite nicely . Many thanks Chris.
  23. I also own the altair 102mm f7 triplet..great scope both visually and for astrophotography...here's my latest image taken with the 102mm although it being my first narrowband image . Really pleased with the scope and would recommend it to anyone .
  24. many thanks dave all up and running .
  25. Hi ... I've been out of the hobby for a while and I'm trying to setup my eq6 once again using a hitech astro USB interface that I used to use but I can't seem to find the drivers for it ? ..also I've upgraded my pc to Windows 10 ..will this still work or are drivers even available anymore ?. Or is it time to get the newer version of the cable ... Here is the type of eqdir I have . Many thanks Chris.
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