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EP Upgrade

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This year will see me upgrade my EP's from the basic Antares ones.

There are, of course, lots of discussion on EP's and I just want to put my thoughts down for others to view / review / comment on


Antares Elite

Meade 4000 Series

Orthoscopics (I seem to remember reading these are not so good on the f/5 ???)

I already have an Orion Shorty 2x, but would like to add a 4x ImageMate as well.

I would also like a 2" EP and wondered if anyone has info / views on the Antares Erfle vs the Moonfish (Superview, again, I seem remember this is better for the f/5) vs the Meade Series 5000 ??

Of course, if I win the lottery this weekend...... :clouds2:


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Hi Daz,

My personal preference would be:

Ortho for high(ish) power and the Antares Elite for medium power.

I don't know about ortho's not working in fast scopes. Certainly my Celestron 9mm Ortho is a cracking eyepiece in the f6 Sentinel.

I'm not going to diss the Meade 4000's like I normally do. They are a mighty fine eyepiece. I've owned the 6.3mm (excellent), 9.7mm (awful), 12.4 (good - excellent) and 26mm (good). I upgraded the 6.3, 9.7 and 12.4 too Celestron Ultima's and Orion Ultrascopic's, which proved to be an excellent move. I definetely regret selling the Celestron and Orion eyepieces but not the Meade's.

If you decide on the 4000 route, try getting the Japanese version. Meade has moved 4000 production to China and i've seen plenty of bad things said about the Chinese version.

For low power i would stick with the Moonfish unless your budget allows for one the Meade 5000 UWA's. Or perhaps a secondhand TeleVue.

I have the Antares 40mm Erfle and it's okay but not as good as the Moonfish. Suffers from blackouts and not sharp across the field.


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Strange, I thought I posted a follow on., stil.....

Any recomendations on the Ortho's? Antares do a series, but am open to other suggestions....

Might need a trip to Chester to check out the ortho's, eh Gaz?? :clouds2:

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HI Daz , I will just throw my 2p in for a mid price eyepiece what about the Vixen Lanths i find them excellent have just got a 8.8 ser 4000 ultra wide i have found this to be a very good eyepiece for my 7" mak as far as the 5000 ser goes i have heard mixed reports i was going to buy the 5000 8.8 but was talked out of it by the guy who was trying to sell it hows that for honesty.


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Daz, just looking at your earlier post, you mentioned the 4x Imagemate....don't do it! Unless you meant 4x Powermate :lol:

4x Imagemate is bleddy awful for visual and not much cop for imaging. Use the money towards a high quality short fl eyepiece.


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Ta russ

No I did mean the Imagemate, but not any more!!! :lol:

Thanks to all for your input. Think I will be doing some testing over the next few months as you have given me somethings to think about......

Cheers :lol:

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My ortho's work fine on my f6 scope.

They cost about £50 new or £20-30 second hand. Which is fantastic VFM.

I got my original from TH although they don't stock them now.

My 9 & 18 mm I got from OO and they were called circle T.

They are still made in Japan.



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I've got the 6mm and 9mm Antares and the 7mm "OO volcano top", I can't see any difference between the two brands to be honest (and the 18mm on the way!)

The EPs may seem close together but with my Mak haivg a focal length of 1800mm each mm of eyepiece gives a difference of x43 magnification. There are a lot of nights where the 7mm is OK at x250 but the 6mm is too much at x300

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Don't know whether any of you have seen the Meade Zoom eyepiece, 8mm to 24mm series 4000 £234, it was advertised in the Jan S@N. No one has mentioned them on the forum, so are they worth the money? I mean theres the equivalent of perhaps 4, 5 eyepieces in one?? I don't know, let me know your thoughts??....

I have a Meade 8-24mm Ep in my case (Not mine though!! On extended loan!!!))

Not as good as individual Ep's (Lot of glass in them!) Ok if you're into large bright objects. But for the money I woulfd go fof 2 or 3 good quality prime Ep's


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