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  1. Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone saw it but we're in the Express this week although I think I got the title of James talk wrong and they never added the date of his talk for some reason!
  2. Finally getting out tonight. It's been ages. Going to see what I can with the moon up.
  3. In case you were planning some stuff for half term with the kids - astro related.... http://www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/visit-the-dales/things-to-see-and-do/get-outdoors-dales/stargazing/dark-skies-festival/dark-skies-festival-programme http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/visiting/whats-on/dark-skies-festival Some good stuff going on..... although round us it was half -term last week!
  4. Yes. Really enjoyed the night. Great talk from Julian and ditto what Soupy said - great curry and company afterwards. Particularly impressed that Damian managed to eat practically a whole family naan by himself!
  5. What's the long oblong black fitting on the tube next to the finder scope?
  6. Met office has it clear up at winscar tonight but it looks windy and in the minus 7 with windchill
  7. Might have to stay in the garden as Lorraine might be going out. Not sure yet. Keep me posted if you're off up to Winscar. Not sure if there is too much snow up there or not at the moment?
  8. According to the Met Office tonight is looking good. Friday not so good at the moment.
  9. Hahaha that was funny. I thought you and Steve were coming round for a cup of tea!
  10. I've been a few times Matt. If you look on a map of the park - the area to the east of the main central is on a downward incline - not massively steep - other than that its fairly flat. When we went last time we phoned up and requested a specific lodge - costs a bit more though. I'm sure if you phoned up and spoke to them they would be able to discuss somewhere suitable.
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