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Quadrantid meteor shower peaks tonight


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Aw, be a good neighbour, tell her that it's OK to turn it on tonight... :clouds2:

WH...I'm a lady first and foremost, so I'm politely and in the most nicest way, going to tell you to go away.... :clouds2: :clouds2:

The wife and I are planning to go to Mexico for my birthday, is that far enough? It's never cloudy in Mexico, I hear, and the bathrooms in the hotels have taps marked "S" and "T" for Scotch and Tequila, and the banditos force you to take money at gunpoint, and...

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I love tequila! Tequila is not so fond of me, such a pity. :pukeright:

I only do tequila at stag do and fortunately all my mates are married now.

It's still 100% cloudy here although it has stopped raining.

I've been forced to watch Arsenal & Man U play. I have to say it disappoints me but Chelsea have nothing to worry about this season.

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I am sat here hoping for a call from Greg to say his sky has cleared ... fingers crossed

As you can tell from the time of the post  - Errrrr No!

Just doing some research!

Drizzle :clouds2:

Thick cloud :clouds2:

Doom and Gloom :clouds2:


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