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  1. Cool ! - not that I really understand all this too well yet, but if you're talking about E=MCsq with regard to matter being coverted to energy and if that also applies to the neutron star when its "swallowed" by a black hole then based on the sheer unbelievable density of matter in a neutron star - wouldnt that be a pretty damn big release of energy?
  2. errr... coz India's a place that loves fantasizing? You'd only have to watch bollywood films to realise.
  3. And here's a jolly looking nebula ??? Pity i dont what it is - the sender didnt label it.
  4. I looked at this picture for ages - and then I read it.
  5. Yeah I think they showed both Sirius stars - and numerous others
  6. The only flying saucers i ever see are the one my wife throws around the house in her sweet moments of insanity. Mind you - there was supposedly a tribe in the middle of Africa who had never met anyone outside of their village (until discovered in the 60's) who claim they were visited many eons ago and were given a star map. The so called star map showed numerous stars that were not visible to the naked eye. They also showed 10 planets in our solar system. ??
  7. Hi Skip! I am still very new to astronomy - and I was completely skint when I decided to spend my chocolate money on a scope. I looked around second hand ads, and I found a 6" Celestron is great condition for £120 I was originally going to buy a SEBEN from Ebay but was talked out of it by some knowledgable dude. I thank my lucky stars that I deicided to get a half decent scope from a reputable maker because some scopes are really poor.
  8. stargeeza


    OMG !!!!! Its REAL ??????? I knew it all along!
  9. Nice image! WOW. Does a 3x Barlow have to be really top of the range for it to give a clear image? Or i suppose I should be asking - will a cheap 3x barlow give a really useless image?? I'm thinking of breaking my piggy bank to get one.
  10. I have ordered a 2x barlow. I am wondering if its worth getting a medium 3x Barlow - I know my scope is supposedly maxed out at 300x but I expect I would need some kind of top of the range Televue Power wotsit to view at that magnification - but then what do i know!!!!
  11. That is really great! What sort of magnification is that?
  12. Boy ! Thanks for the post! I have to try and catch that! Only Saturn will be too low in the azimuth at that time for me coz of trees.
  13. stargeeza


    I did the same Caz on the first day that I got the scope last weekish - I got my Mum and my Wife and my brother- they all went loopy including me. Actually when I first saw it (which was by accident) apart from being blown away I was somewhat expecting to see the starship enterprise. !!!
  14. Congrats dude. Like Caz i just get to see an orange blob which was still exciting coz it was my first planet visual. I also saw Saturn last week on my first tme out and am just bursting to see it again! I only have 41x magnification at present and it still looks cool. Waiting for some new eyepieces.
  15. Hey Astro: I heard somewhere recently that a black hole eating a neutron star gave out gama ray bursts. Is that what youre searching for ?
  16. WH - you going to Mexico! Its very nice of you to take your wife with you. Actually my wife makes me do that too when I want to go on holiday
  17. Astro - do you know the incredible hulk? well he got like that from gamma ray bursts and you might want to be careful.
  18. I think the clouds are slowly going I'm gonna go to bed now and get up at 1AM (worry about work tomorrow)
  19. GOD I just want to see something with my new scope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK calm down everyone.
  20. stargeeza

    Hello geezas

    Thanks everyone for a great welcome.
  21. stargeeza

    hello all

    HALLO COL !!!!! This is a cool forum and because its too coudy outside again
  22. how many clouds per second do we need to wait for before we see it - or have i missed it ??
  23. I have only been able to use my new scope twice since i got it - and not for more than 20 minutes between the clouds still everyday is a wonderful day - in theory
  24. Bit late to say marry xmas - so HAPPY NEW YEAR DUDES! Thanks for the forum - great stuff - well appreciated top wicked banana and nice speech being on this website makes me really pee'd of coz i get inspired by the cool stuff and then its too cloudy outside to get gazing [MOD: Modified language - thanks for the complement, but please mind the language. Thanks ]
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