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More Elephants...on my new mount


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I imagine loads of people are collecting data from this target at the moment, with it being so high all night.

This is my first go at it, and was faffing around for the first bit of the night, so only got 3x30 Ha and Oiii subs to work with, but after a lot of tweaking of colours to get it how I envisaged, here it is.


The subs were guided here, but only so I could dither them. I took a 20 minute unguided sub first, just to see how well the mount tracked and it was absolutely 'bob on'. I know pointing a baby Q at 450mm isn't the biggest challenge for a mount, but with only 4 alignment stars loaded into the GM1000, I was pretty impressed with how it tracked. At first I thought there were some elongated stars, but there are quite a few in the field here which merge into each other.

I've dimmed the stars here anyway to concentrate on the nebula.

Hope you like it. I'm now an official 10 Micron fan.


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What a treat! You must be pleased with the new mount?

Yes, I do like gadgets, and this mount is certainly a gadget - the encoders on here seem really very effective.

Nearly led to divorce though, as unless I get another job (about to leave the RAF) the wife will be the breadwinner from December. She was hoping my gratuity would put a dint in the mortgage rather than be spent on more astronomy equipment (some of it will go on the mortgage luv, I promise... ).

She thought this pic was my best so far though, but don't think I'll be off the hook until I've got an offer letter...

To be honest though, I'm sure I could have got this out of the EQ6. Might not be the same as the FL increases though.


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